Many people believe that interior designers work completely alone when taking on a project, and that they come in during the last stages to make the interior look good. As an interior designer, you already know what is expected of you and what your ultimate goal is.

However, it is important that you work closely with the architects working on a project in order to be on the same page. There’s nothing more frustrating than stepping into a new project and not having any idea as to what the project needs to achieve.

That’s why as an interior designer, you should be meeting with the architects who are working on the same project that you are.


Architects will be working on the project much earlier in the process than you will be, so they will already have an idea in their head as to what direction they want the project to go in; after all, they are the ones who will be making the most drastic changes to how the project will look with regards to the structure.

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In order to have a good idea of what you will be working with when it’s time for you to tackle to project, it’s best to get in contact with the architects. You will be able to find out what features they will be adding or changing so that you can adequately prepare your designs before the time comes for you to get involved. It’s no good having one idea and then the architects change the layout or the space that you are working on drastically – you’ll only be wasting valuable design time.


We all know that projects can change at the drop of a hat; not everything goes to plan, and the architects are usually the ones to come across obstacles which may take the project in a completely different direction to the one intended.

Architect sketching a construction project.

If you aren’t in constant contact with the architects, you won’t know about any changes that may occur, which can often render even the most well thought out design plans unusable. At least if you have some form of communication going on between the architects and yourself, you’ll be able to ask – or even be told without having to ask – about any changes which may have had to be made, so that your designs can be adapted accordingly.


Some interior styles will fit any type of building, but it’s important to get some kind of idea as to what the structure is like before you start designing.

As a designer, you will want to create a seamless style throughout, which often means working with some features which the architects will be in control of. Whether it’s the style of the beams in the ceiling, the shape of the room as a whole or even the materials that they will be using, all this information can drastically change a design if you haven’t planned for it.

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Collaborating with the architects will give you an insight into the style which they may be working towards, so that you can recreate that style throughout your interior design, making everything flow seamlessly!

Working alongside the architects on a project is beneficial to both parties; it’ll help keep the project on track and you’ll both understand each other’s needs and requirements with regards to your roles within the project.

Here at Axess2, we know just how important it is for all parties working on a project to collaborate. Our experts are well experienced in working with a variety of industries; including interior designers and architects, so if you’re looking for the perfect lift for your project, don’t hesitate to collaborate with us! For more information, please feel free to get in contact with us today.