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AirgoClean® – Powerful brand. Clear message. Clean air.

Introducing the virus air cleaner from our associated company Eco Industry Solutions. Many things can be done better, but not the AirgoClean® One.
We have to admit that quite a few air cleaners leave a good impression at first sight. But in the long run, many of them are in danger of literally running out of breath sooner or later. Permanent operation, uninterrupted air purification around the clock, non-stop virus filtration – this wears out the material, you have to be made for it. Just like AirgoClean® One.

Airgo clean Datasheet - Virus Air Cleaner - Airgoclean One

The AirgoClean® One removes 99.995 % of all airborne pollutants down to a size of 0.1 micrometres from the room air:

It is no coincidence that with the AirgoClean® One you benefit from an equally durable and user-friendly construction with effective 360° air routing and long filter lifetimes – after all, it is a high-performance air purifier originally produced, developed and manufactured in Germany according to the highest quality standards, which houses only efficient branded components of the latest generation of technology supplied by leading component manufacturers. Each quality filter integrated is produced in Germany, tested and certified individually. The effectiveness of the H14 HEPA filter system of this high-performance air purifier has been scientifically proven!

Clean air engineering “made in Germany” – 100 % safe and sound technology

1. Combination prefilter
The first filter stage of the AirgoClean® One is a synthetic prefilter mat, which is embedded in an F7 prefilter (ISO ePM10 85 %) – the second filter stage – and effectively retains coarse and fine dust in combination with a large dust storage capacity.

2. Activated carbon filter
An optional activated carbon filter is available as filter stage 3, which effectively neutralises in particular tobacco odours, pet odours, kitchen odours, smoke odours as well as formaldehyde and solvent odours from the ambient air. If required, the activated carbon filter can be installed in filter compartment 3 instead of the silencer.

3. Silencer
Installed as standard in filter compartment 3 is a powerful silencer for efficient noise reduction of the air cleaner ensuring pleasantly quiet operation. The silencer has been elaborately flow-optimized, so that it is volume flow-neutral and generates practically no flow resistance.

4. H14 HEPA filter complying with EN 1822
The scope of delivery of the AirgoClean® One includes a HEPA filter of class H14 serving as the fourth filter stage. This filter of German high-quality manufacturing is characterised by a particle separation efficiency ≥ 99.995 for particle sizes of 0.1 – 0.3 µm with a transmittance ≤ 0.005 %. A class H13 HEPA filter is also optionally available