The platform lift designed to be hidden in a flight of stairs or set of steps

Integrated step solution

This bespoke platform lift has been designed to be flow seamlessly when embedded in an existing set of stairs or steps. The SLP C is intended for indoor and outdoor use, and functions as both a platform and steps or stairs

Matching material

By using the matching material for the platform surface as used on the existing steps, enables the solution to becomes a neat, integrated part of the environment, irrespective of whether the steps or stairs are made of stone, tile or wood.

The SLP C model is a fantastic solution for use in a wide variety of places where users need to negotiate a change in level – to reach the altar in a church, or access a stage for example, this product is an ideal solution where discretion is paramount.

When required the SLP C platform lift can be supplied with automatic vertical safety barriers that engage when in motion, preventing wheelchair users from rolling off the edge, offering total peace of mind while the platform is in traveling from one level to the next

This lift is control by the operating panel placed discreetly next to the platform, where it can be operated by users themselves or by an assistant. The operating panel could also be positioned on the platform itself, if required.

This bespoke platform lift is suited and often installed in locations where it is desirable to show particular consideration for aesthetics, architecture and surroundings. Churches, listed buildings or buildings with architectural importance for example.

6433 01 SLP38 C Goteborg Raadhus 2014 1600x1066 - Stepless SLP Model C
6276 11 SLP10 Folkoperan 2011 1600x1066 - Stepless SLP Model C
6540 25 SLP199 C Hogvakten City Hall Goteborg 2019 1600x1066 - Stepless SLP Model C
6504 55 SLP143 C Luxury Shop Paris 2016 1600x1066 - Stepless SLP Model C