Smart Home Lift

Smart Home Lift Cabin with new COP and Axess 2 - Smart Home Lift

In an increasingly digitalised world, everything is connected. The smart home lift from Axess 2 redefines the home lift experience with a range of technologically advanced options. The look and feel of the cabin interior through to the behavior and activation of the lift, can now be controlled directly from your mobile, tablet or your digital home assistant.

Welcome to the future of home lifts


Smart Home Lift Intro - Smart Home Lift
Smart - Voice Recognition

Voice recognition.

Utilising the latest in mobile and wireless technology you can easily, remotely access and control your home lift via either android or apple devices.

Voice recognition 3 - Smart Home Lift

Smart - Controls

Intelligent Controls

Voice activated cabin and landings destinations, coupled with personalised touch screen controls adds a new dimension to this home lift.

Smart Controls - Smart Home Lift

Smart - Lighting

Smart lighting

The ultimate in control, providing smooth, accurate dimming and colour transformation of your lift cabin lighting, personlising your experience at a touch of a button.

Smart Lighting - Smart Home Lift

Smart - Vision

Smart Vison

Wifi cameras let you keep an eye on your home lift wherever you are. The camera connects wirelessly to your wifi router, then streams footage to a smartphone via the Smart Home Lift application.

Smart Vision - Smart Home Lift