It is perfect to be installed in the centre of the room or in a stairwell, where the lift becomes the absolute protagonist of the place and an interior design luxury product. It amazes your guests and let you enjoy the view from the panoramic lift of your house. It is ideal to be installed inside offices, shops, museums, public buildings where the design and the aesthetics are as important as functionality.


A circular glass lift is encased in a glass shaft and can be designed as a hydraulic or traction lift installation. In circular scenic lifts it’s often desirable to have the doors driven below and this is made possible by installing under-driven curved glass doors. Circular lifts can transport passengers internally or externally and can be fitted with one or two cabin doors.


"I am delighted with the end product provided by Axess 2. We really are looking forward to opening more stores and now feel we have found a truly exceptional lift company to work in partnership with, and with the low maintenance fixed costs we can plan our budget far easier."