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Hydraulic 500

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Hydraulic 500

Axess More

Hydraulic 500 (Rafael)

The Rafael from Axess 2 shares a lot of the benefits of the Leonardo, like the 200mm low pit and the low headroom height, plus the added advantage of the higher load capacity!

The Rafael combines innovation with technology making it suitable for businesses and commercial buildings where it is intended for public use or wherever 500 kg rated load is required.


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• Range of skinplate colours
• Range of stainless steel, smooth or textured finishes
• Glass cabin walls*
• Choice of flooring, Granite, Linoleum, or customers own.
• Bespoke cabins available


Sliding doors

  • Prisma operator with DC drive and encoder
  • 2 panel, 3 panel and centre opening
  • Range of skinplate colours
  • Range of stainless steel, smooth or textured finishes
  • Glass doors
  • Fire rated

Swing Doors

  • Solid door, vision panel door, full glass panel door
  • Full glass aluminium door
  • Range of RAL colours
  • Range of stainless steel, smooth or textured finishes
  • Frameless glass doors
  • Fire rated

Eco Bus Doors (for use with swing doors for one touch operation)

  • Wide range of door panel finishes
  • Light,strong and reliable design

Bespoke doors available

Lift Structure

  • Indoor or outdoor
  • Powder coated steel, stainless steel or Aluminium
  • Range of standard colours
  • Bespoke RAL colours
  • Cladding
  • – Metal cladding
  • – Externally beaded glass panels
  • – External mounted glass with pin fixings
  • Ladder frame option

Standard Features

  • LED energy saving Spot lights
  • Emergency lowering and light in case of power cut
  • Tactile and braille buttons with LED halo
  • Hydro jack with rupture valveLocks EN 81 – EC Arrestor equipment
  • Lock system with electronic control to allow safe access to pit
  • Key selector in car or landings
  • Handrails
  • Mirror
  • Display in car and landings (LED display with scrolling arrows)
  • Voice synthesizer (Floor selection and direction)


Conformity:Machine directive 2006/42/ec, BS6440,EN81 – 41, DDA compliant
Car Size:With swing doors - M in 700x700, Max 1300x1600 or 1000x2000, With auto sliding doors - Min 700x1200, Max 1100x1800,
Other sizes are available
Speed:0.15 m/per second for CE, 0.3m/ per second non CE.
Power:220v, single phase, 2kW star delta
Max Travel:12m – unlimited stops
Rated Load:6 people, 500kg
Shaft Types:Existing pre-built or steel structure
Headroom:2.5m with sliding doors, 2.4m with swing doors
Configuration:Single, through or adjacent
Controls:One Touch
Application:Indoor or outdoor

Please click on the links below to download the lift NBS specification.


You can personalise the cabin by specifying particular walls, floor, ceiling and fixtures to ensure you get the finished product that meets your exact specification. Designed by you, built by us. Below is the standard colour range, other finishes are available.

Cabin and Door Stainless Steel

Interior Cabin Panels



Cabin Floors



Door Styles

Door Std Steel Colours

Cabin and Landing Buttons

This MRL lift is fully DDA and part M of building regulations compliant and conforms to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

The lift is available in a large selection of different styles and finishes, making it the perfect lift solution to fit into any environment. Choose from automatic sliding doors, swing doors or glass doors.

Hydraulic lifts from Axess 2 don’t require a machine room, saving plenty of space. They include the Leonardo MRL, the first sliding-door platform lift, needing only a shallow pit and low headroom. The Rafael hydraulic lift has many of the Leonardo’s benefits plus a higher load capacity. Choose sliding, swing or glass doors.

product specification
Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, BS 6440, EN81-41, Part M DDA compliant
Car Size
Car Size
With swing doors- Min 600 x 600 Max 1300 x 1600 or 1000 x 2000, With automatic sliding doors- Min 800 x 1000 Max 1100 x 1600, Other special bespoke sizes are available on request.
240v, 2.2kw, 16amps
Max Travel
Max Travel
12 mts, 6 stops
Rated Load
Rated Load
6 persons or 500kg
Shaft Types
Shaft Types
Existing, Pre built concrete block or steel structure
200mm standard, Lowest pit solution 120mm
2500mm with sliding doors, 2400mm with swing doors
Single through or adjacent
One touch with cabin doors, Hold to run with no cabin door
Light to Medium duty 40 starts/hour Retail, Commercial, Home, Indoor or Outdoor in glass structure, Luxury bespoke solutions
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