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Normally utilised by large commercial businesses, passenger lifts share a lot of similarities with machinery directive lifts but are capable of travelling with a good deal more speed. As you might expect from our largest lifts, these elevators are capable of carrying a great deal of passenger weight – up to 5000kg in some cases – and many of the biggest names in the commercial sector have come to rely upon us for these lifts. Our previous clients include Next, Omega, Mamas & Papas and McDonalds, so you can trust that our passenger lifts are of the best possible standard, and up to even the most strenuous of tasks.

Here at Axess2 we offer a comprehensive range of standard and bespoke passenger lifts. So no matter what your specific needs and requirements, we’re confident that we can provide the right lift option for you. Our selection of passenger lifts includes a fantastic range of standard hydraulic and traction passenger lifts. But if you’re looking for something special, we can also provide a complete bespoke solution, tailored to your exact requirements.


Our hydraulic passenger lifts offer great flexibility. This is because we can manufacture these lifts according to bespoke specifications, allowing us to meet your precise requirements. We can then supply, install, maintain and repair your product of choice.

Our passenger lifts are quick to install and require minimal maintenance, so there is little risk of disruption even within hectic business environments. Axess2’s range of passenger lifts are available in both machine room and machine room-less variants.

These lifts offer exemplary energy usage and ride quality, making them both a safe and cost effective option. As mentioned, passenger lifts are far quicker that standard machinery directive lifts too, and can achieve speeds of up to 2 metres per second.

This speed and capacity does come at a cost though, as passenger lifts require a large amount of head and pit room to function efficiently. However, as these lifts are primarily the province of large commercial businesses, a lack of cellar or ceiling space is rarely a concern, so this cost won’t outweigh the manifold benefits which can be accessed over a long period of usage.


Hydraulic Passenger Lifts

Having proven their efficiency time and time again, hydraulic lifts are almost free of both excess noise and vibration. In addition, they are suitable for medium loads of 320kg (the equivalent of 4 people) or heavier burdens of up to 5000kg, making these reliable elevators incredibly flexible.

Traction MRL (Machine room-less) Passenger Lifts

Like hydraulic lifts, these lifts are capable of carrying weighty burdens. Needless to say, the innovative engineering on such lifts is impressive, but they still remain easy to use and reliable in the long-term. With gearless motors with 180 starts per hour, they are designed to cope with heavy traffic movement too.


A new product and already a best-seller, the Galileo comes in 450kg (5-6 people) and 600kg (8 people) variants. Dependent on the available head and pit room, the Galileo can be powered by single phase MRL electric traction lift, and is one of our best products in terms of saving energy and costs.

If you have any further questions about any of our passenger lifts, including our selection of hydraulic passenger lifts, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Axess2. Give us a call on 01200 405 005 or email to find out more. Whatever your unique situation might be, our expert team will be happy to discuss your individual requirements.