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A Christmas Lift

couple of snowman dolls on the defocused of christmas light and Christmas tree background.

The rest of your home is filled with Christmas, so why make your lift an exception? There are plenty of special ways in which you could be adding some extra Christmas cheer to your lift, so crack out the arts … [read more…]

Smallest and Largest Lifts in the World

glass passenger lift installed at Vapiano Glasgow

There’s a great variety of lifts that you could be choosing from, whether you’re looking for your business’ next ease of access, or a focal point for your home. Would you want the world’s biggest lift in your home? Can … [read more…]

Why Is There A Handrail In Lifts?

Axess2 Lift

Installing a lift can help to ensure your customers and employees are able to get around with ease, and also ensures your building is completely accessible to everyone. It may seem slightly odd that the vast majority of lifts come … [read more…]

Elevate the Value of Your Home with a Luxury Home Lift

businessman looking at modern elevator with opened door to city

There are plenty of things you can do to increase the value of your home, or indeed any other properties that you may be wishing to update. Many articles on home improvement tactics will repeat themselves by talking about how … [read more…]

What is the Galileo Traction 600 Lift

The Galileo Traction 600 is a seamless lift offering you economical options, power supplies, eco-friendly values, and beauty in its design. The Galileo lift is well-suited for both homes and businesses, so whether you’re looking for a luxury home feature … [read more…]

Accreditation and New Lift Standards

Axess2 Lift

As a company with core values based around providing quality products and customer care, we here at Axess2 have ensured that we possess all the appropriate accreditations to provide bespoke lift installation. We ensure consistent attention to quality service and … [read more…]

Customise Your Home Lift to Suit Your Tastes

Liverpool FC Lift

Getting a home lift installed is a necessity for some, and it brings many benefits to the lives of those who need them. Contrary to popular belief, home lifts do not have to take up a lot of space and … [read more…]

What is the Rafael Hydraulic 500 Lift?

Whether it’s for indoor or outdoor use, a domestic or commercial environment, the Rafael Hydraulic 500 lift is a stylish and practical option that can provide access up to 12 metres at the push of a button. Like all hydraulic … [read more…]

Why You Should Install a Platform Lift

From enabling access around your home to providing all customers with the ability to manoeuvre around your business premises and peruse your products, there are many reasons why you should install a platform lift.

The Best Lift Scenes from the Movies


Here at Axess2, we love all things lifts. Lifts in the home, platform lifts at work…we’ve covered it all. So when we see lifts crop up in popular movies, it is a cause for celebration! Lifts are used extensively in … [read more…]

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