Mobile High Performance Air Purifier – TAC V+

The TAC V+ is the proven, effective, mobile solution for the air purification of virus-carrying aerosol particles and bacteria from the room air.


tac v now with new model variants tac xt tac m and tac eco 14a9 - Mobile High Performance Air Purifier - TAC V+Effective virus filter system – scientifically proven effectiveness

The TAC V+ is the world’s first mobile room air cleaner on the market that has been explicitly developed to filter out virus-carrying aerosols in interior spaces!

For this purpose, the air cleaner TAC V+ ensures a quick and highly effective reduction of virus-carrying aerosols from the room air and in this way effectively neutralizes the airborne corona infection risk, directly at the installation site.

Its virucidal effectiveness with regard to the neutralization of airborne viruses in interior spaces has been fully confirmed in several scientific studies for the TAC V+!

The air cleaner TAC V+, which is specially designed for silent operation combined with a large volumetric flow, quickly dilutes the virus-carrying aerosol accumulations with a high air volume and a high fan performance to a level that is no longer infectious, then filters out 99.995 % of disease-causing viruses from the room air with its HEPA H14 filter that is certified in compliance with EN 1822 and cyclically inactivates them by thermal decontamination of its heat-resistance special filter. In this way the high-performance air purifier TAC V+ effectively reduces the aerosol, viral and bacterial load in the room air.
Thanks to the exceptional cleaning performance of this high-performance air purifier, the risk of an indirect virus infection by airborne aerosol particles is substantially reduced!

TAC V datasheet - Mobile High Performance Air Purifier - TAC V+

The high-performance air purifier TAC V+ convinces
by its efficiency-tested cleaning principle

In a continuous process, the room air that is contaminated with aerosol particles and infectious viruses is diluted and pushed towards the floor by a kind of “air roll effect”. Like all TAC high-performance air purifiers the TAC V+ draws in large volumes of the contaminated air near the floor and already cleans them in the course of one air cycle with its H14 filter efficiency of 99.995 %, certified in compliance with EN 1822, reliably separating airborne germs.

The clean, virus-filtered clean air then flows back to the top of the room through the specially formed air outlet fins with a high fan performance. This air cycle continuously keeps the breathing air cleaner, especially at head height, than without filtration. The filtered, blown-out air in this process is not only free from viruses but also free from pollen and respirable, harmful particulate matter (e.g. caused by traffic load).

Model Variants and special solutions

To ensure that you’re always provided with the precisely-tailored Trotec solution for effective virus filtration of the room air, exactly adapted to your individual safety requirement, in addition to the high-performance air purifier TAC V+ our range of products contains further model variants and special solutions.
To help you integrate the TAC V+ into the respective application environment, in addition to the standard colour yellow, this device is also available painted in the colours basalt grey, white or bronze.
Moreover, a stainless steel version is available for the use in hygiene-sensitive areas – and for virus air filtration in large halls we can offer you the special model TAC V+ Dual for wall or ceiling mounting, which blows out clean air to both sides.

What makes the TAC V+ sounique and what makes it different from conventional air cleaners?

The TAC V+ was designed specially for the purpose of virus filtration, in particular with a view to the specific requirements in medium and large rooms such as school classrooms, office spaces or gastronomy spaces. This is why the mobile carriage design ensures large air volumes combined with high versatility. Set up, reposition, adjust – all in next to no time, always exactly where the TAC is needed.

The specially constructed, fully encapsulated H14 high-temperature lamellae HEPA filter is a heat-resistant special design “made in Germany” with an extremely high filter volume performance of class H14 (EN 1822). Aerosols carrying viruses and bacteria are reliably filtered out and heated to about 100 °C for approx. 15 minutes at regular intervals. In this process, the viruses filtered out are denatured, i.e. practically destroyed. This takes place at the desired point in time and fully automatically, e.g. once a week at night, outside office or teaching hours.

This heating process also counteracts the formation of bacteria, biofilm and filter odours, without any harmful chemical additives or UV-C radiation. 100 °C for 100 % efficiency. Maximum hygiene for protecting the health of your children, guests, customers and employees.

Clean air is essential to life.

Even in times “without corona”, the TAC V+ will still be a precious investment as a universal guarantor of clean air

Virus filtration plus keeping the air free from particulate matter – completely pollution-free breathing air.

Particulate matter pollution presents a permanent hazard to our respiratory organs. In addition, fine dust is also suspected of being able to transport the coronavirus and aggravate the health consequences of a viral infection. Therefore it’s all the more reassuring to the users of the virus air cleaner. TAC V+ that it can be both at the same time: a demonstrably effective virus filter and basically a high- performance air cleaner. Today this provides you with a tried and tested air cleaner which neutralizes virus- carrying aerosol particles and bacteria in the room air – and at the same time you can benefit from maximum protection against harmful particulate matter pollution in your rooms – even for your life “without corona”