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Lift doors can make a dramatic difference to the look and feel of your lift

Axess 2 offers a wide range of door choices. Choose lift doors to match your style and decor: we have a wide range of choices which all look and operate slightly differently.

From swing doors, to telescopic and ‘bus doors’ – the expert team here at Axess 2 can advise you on what style of doors would best suit your requirements.

Swing Doors

Swing-Door-Solid Swing-Door-Vision-Panel Swing-Door-Panoramic-Steel Swing-Door-Panoramic-Aluminum

  • Solid door, vision panel door, full glass panel door
  • Full glass Aluminium door
  • Range of RAL colours
  • Range of stainless steel, smooth or textured finishes
  • Frameless glass doors
  • Fire rated
  • Eco Bus Doors (for use with swing doors for one touch operation)
  • Wide range of door panel finishes
  • Light, strong and reliable design
  • Bespoke doors available

Swing Door Gallery

Telescopic Sliding Doors

Sliding-door-RAL-skinplate Sliding-door-stainless-steel Sliding-door-with-glass

  • Sliding doors
  • Prisma operator with DC drive and encoder
  • 2 panel, 3 panel and centre opening
  • Range of skinplate colours
  • Range of stainless steel, smooth or textured finishes
  • Glass doors
  • Fire rated

Eco Bus Folding Doors

An ideal solution where weight and space is limited. This bus door developed not only in a way that will not change the weight of the existing lift, but also in a way that will not modify the car structure thank to its reduced overall dimensions and to its folder opening. It’s available also an integrated mechanical release system for swing landing doors.


  • Light,strong and reliable design
  • Speed control
  • The complete electrical and mechanical set of the operator is enclosed.
  • 24V output signal for light curtains or photocells
  • Mechanical release system for swing doors
  • Obstacle detection system for both opening and closing operations


  • Oval shaped vision panel manufactured in laminate glass finished flush with panels
  • Car door lock outside the landing doors (available soon)
  • Finishes available are:
    • Primed painted (RAL7032
    • Stainless Steel Gr 180/220
    • Stainless Steel Gr 240
    • Stainless Steel Leather D42
    • Stainless Steel Nyby 5WL
    • Stainless Steel Nyby 2WL
    • Stainless Steel Scotch Brite
    • Anodised aluminium
    • RAL Painted

Own Doors

Here at Axess 2 we realise that every property is different, so every lift requirement is different. It may be that your particular project/client doesn’t what the lift to be seen or there could be existing style or design limitations where the lift doors need to match or blend in to their surroundings.  Whether you require a special material, colour or finish through to using your own timber doors,we have a range of door solutions to overcome any of these issues.

Bespoke-home-lift-door-sml Curved-swing-door-for-lift-sml Vinyl-wrapped-lift-door-sml

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