How Important is Bespoke Design in Lifts?

When purchasing a lift, it’s important to take several things into consideration, like its design and the characteristics of the building, whether it’s residential or commercial. Sometimes, due to the features of a specific property, it’s challenging or impossible to install a standard lift.

Going bespoke can give you the specifications you want when looking for the right lift. You have an almost infinite number of design choices, as well as technical specifications, so this might be the right decision for you. So, how can you benefit from bespoke lifts:

Lift Bespoke Design

The Lift Has the Aesthetics You Desire

Tweaking one of our existing lifts or creating a completely new home lift can give you the aesthetics you’re looking for. There are countless finishes, doors and other design choices that you can select, and which will help you to build the lift you’ve always wanted in your home or commercial building.

If you want a customised cabin finish, whether because you want to add branding to it or because you’re a huge football fan, you easily can by going bespoke. Our solutions are tailored to individual needs, which means we take your preferences and your building’s features into consideration.

The Lift Can Adapt Perfectly to Your Building

Your home, residential building or commercial property have specific features that make them unique. Some buildings don’t support the minimum requirements for a standard platform lift, for instance, which is where a bespoke solution comes in.

Lift Bespoke Design

Lifts can be tailored to match existing characteristics, including no available space for a pit, the need for a robust lift due to placement in hazardous environments, unusual load bearings, and much more. In aesthetics terms, we can make sure that our lifts are installed in order to match the existing décor; they also don’t disturb the original architecture.

The Lift Will Match Your Exact Needs

When people come to the decision of purchasing a lift, they have a good reason behind it. That reason tends to be the need to meet certain requirements, whether it’s disabled access in the home, a lift that can withstand a huge amount of traffic every single day in a commercial building, etc.

This means that no matter why you need the lift, we have the solutions for you. We can give you a lift with high load capacity, with no pit, with the speed you desire, as well as a cabin that is as spacious as you wish it to be.

Your exact needs and requirements will be met once you opt to go bespoke, as you can tailor a lift to your specifications.


Our bespoke solutions have been featured already in many commercial properties and homes, so we know how to give you exactly what you envision. We maintain an ongoing communication with our clients as well and we always understand your budget.

Contact us to benefit from our many years of experience in the lift industry and you can soon be enjoying a brand-new bespoke lift!