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Hi Steppa

HI Steppa the access solution that takes you further

The Hi Steppa raises the user up to a maximum two metres while continuing to provide the strength, modern aesthetics and configuration options you would expect from Axess 2.




  • Maximum vertical travel distance: 2000mm.
  • Number of levels served (including lowest): 2 maximum.
  • Arrangement: Mast support required to upper landing.
  • Lubrication: Automatic.
  • Capacity: 500Kg
  • Speed: 0.1m/s.
  • Secondary Power: Emergency battery lowering from platform included.
  • Drive type: Hydraulic.
  • Machine room: Integral to guide rails.
  • Pit: Non required
  • Lighting: To upper and lower landing in accordance with building regs.
  • Controls:
  • Operational: Constant pressure buttons on platform, and from landings.
  • Emergency: Lowering valve on top controller.


  • Design: Vertical platform lift system.
  • User group: Ambulant and wheelchair users.
  • Environment: Internal

System Performance

  • General: To BS 6440, BS8300 and ISO 9386-1.
  • CE Marked in accordance with the Revised Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC) and EN81-41.
  • Building Regulations approval evidence: Part M.
  • Rated load: 500kg.
  • Rated speed (maximum): 0.1m/s.
  • Duty cycle / hour (maximum): 10, or 40 in any 24hr period.
  • Dwell time: Variable.
  • Lighting to landings and enclosed liftways (minimum): To BS 6440 and ISO 9386-1.
  • Liftway fire rating: None.

Living Platform

  • Platform floor dimensions:
  • Width: 1100 mm. (800 & 900 mm available)
  • Depth: 1400 mm.
  • Height: 1100 mm cabin to 4 sides. Powder coated grey RAL9007 (others available) .
  • Handrail: Intergrated to lift cabin (left or right hand side).
  • Floor: Anti slip vinyl – light grey studded (others available).
  • Safety edge: Four sides underneath platform floor and to top edge of console.
  • Lighting: Controls illuminated including battery backup.

Lift Way Enclosure

  • Width: 1500 mm.
  • Depth: 1660 mm
  • Height: 1460 mm above FFL on top floor.
  • Construction: RAL 9007 steel guide rails, RAL 9007 Lift cabin with acrylic clear panels (glass toughened & laminated optional)
  • Lighting: Not included.
  • Fire rating: None.

Doors to Landings

  • Arrangement: 2 sides available.
  • Clear width opening: 900mm (1000mm optional)
  • Height: 1100 mm.
  • Gate frame: Integral to shaft enclosure.
  • Finishes: Gate and frames powder coated (RAL 9007)
  • Furniture: Natural anodized aluminium.
  • Door operation: Manual opening with concealed self closer, electrically and mechanically interlocked. Automatic operation and hold open facility optional.
  • Door fire rating: None.



  • Supply: 240V, 1ph, 13A, 50Hz
  • Type and location: Lockable isolator within 2 metres and in view of electrical cabinet located at the upper landing.
  • Motor: 0.5kW.
  • Motor Voltage: 240V, 1ph, 50Hz.
  • Starting current: 8Amps.
  • Running current: 4.7Amps.
  • Emergency lowering: Manual facility accessed from electrical cabinet at top floor.
  • Initiation: Soft start.

Secondary Power

  • Type: Battery backup source and other power source forming component part of lift assembly.


  • General lighting requirements: To building regs.
  • Emergency lighting requirements: Battery.

Operational Controls

  • Control system: Microprocessor low voltage.
  • Operation: Constant pressure buttons.
  • Audible indication: Arrival sounder optional.
  • Face plate: Natural anodised aluminium with coloured text.
  • Push buttons: Flush and tactile.
  • Platform console: Destination, alarm and emergency stop buttons.
  • Landing controls: Call buttons with green/orange/red halos to indicate lift at landing, fault/security circuit broken or lift in use. Locking facility (key switches) optional.
  • Pit prop: Manual with electric interlock.
  • Fire alarm interface: Non required
  • Alarm: External audible sounder with battery backup.
  • Communication: None required.

Emergency Controls

  • Emergency lowering: Accessed from electrical cabinet at top floor. Emergency battery lowering from platform optional.

Access Controls

  • Type: Self locking key locks optional.

Testing and Commissioning

  • Standards: Machinery Directive & EN81-41
  • Operational tests: Weight/load test
  • Test certificate: 1 hard copy & 1 electronic copy on CD

Electrical Inspection & Testing

  • Electrical inspection and testing: Machinery Directive & EN81-41 & manufacturers recommendations

Key features and benefits:

  • Travel up to 2m
  • Maximum capacity of 500kg
  • Modern lightweight design
  • Suitable for internal or external use (corrosion resistant)
  • Modular Aluminium construction
  • Stylish side panels and upper / lower gates in powder coated Aluminium with Acrylic infills
  • Gates can be rehanded (opening direction changed) on site to suit
  • Simple to install and easy to service
  • 2-piece system
  • Integral pump – no need for remote pump unit minimising installation time
  • Battery powered (power pack integral to rail structure)
product specification
Machinery Directive & EN81-41
Car Size
Car Size
800 x 1000mm or 800mm x 1250mm
0.5kW, 240V, 1ph, 13A, 50Hz. (Starting current 8 Amps, running current 4.7 Amps)
Max Travel
Max Travel
Rated Load
Rated Load
Max 300kg
Shaft Types
Shaft Types
Through entry side access
Platform buttons - Tactile, Visual, press and hold buttons. Call buttons with green/orange/red halos to indicate lift at landing, fault/security circuit broken or lift in use. Locking facility (key switches) optional.
Internal use only
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