compact case study 1 - Glass Lifts

Scenic Lifts that not only provide functionality, but also a strong element of style to your home or business.

These lifts serve not only to make accessibility around your home or business much easier but are also a centre point of attention; a conversation starter, a head turner, a true work of art. While you may think that these glass lift structures might take up a lot of room, they’re surprisingly compact as well as a complement to the space itself. Be Confident in our Luxury Glass Lifts & Scenic Lifts. The advantage of lifts in glass structures is that they complement a room, rather than looking as if they’re overwhelming it, which can be the case with some other lift designs.

Glass & scenic lifts provided by Axess2 have all the great features you would expect from any one of our passenger or machinery directive lifts – precision engineering and design means they can offer the smoothest of rides for any and all passengers with complete and total peace of mind for you and your home or business.

Due to the wide variety of designs we can offer with all of our luxury scenic lifts, as well as the flexibility that comes with all of our products, we are prepared to offer you one of the best glass and scenic lift buying experiences out there, where all of your most complicated requirements are met. Our glass lift structures also mean we can accommodate everything from a small glass home lift to the heavier commercial glass passenger lifts, which also means we provide you with a scenic lift that creates an aura of attention around it, no matter which room it’s in.

If you want to know more about the kinds of glass and scenic lifts we can offer you, contact our team of experts or give us a call on 01200 405 005  and they will happily walk you through everything you need to know about the process. They can talk you through lift models, designs, even the more technical side of things so as to leave no stone left unturned.