Ideal for Low / Medium rise buildings, this low pit, low headroom lift product is a great solution to any project with site restrictions. The convenient over slung design allows for a reduced pit dimension of only 170mm. The products great technical achievements, combined with a vast array of cabin designs and materials makes this passenger lift a valuable addition to any project.

  • Indoor / Outdoor usage
  • Concrete shaft or Aluminum / Steel structure
  • Emergency operation: UPS operated
  • Fully Automatic Doors / Semiautomatic landing door and bus type car door available upon request
  • Automatic calls
  • Single phase power supply (up to 1.00 m/s , up to 630Kg)
  • Three phase power supply
  • Single entrance LPH
  • Single entrance / Adjacent entrance / Through car layout
  • Low pit and headroom appliance
  • Ease of installation (Guides at one side)
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Conformity with EN81-20/50, EN81-21
  • DIRECTIVE 2014/33/EU
  • Important – You will need to demonstrate the reason why you cannot accommodate the requirements of the standard EN 81-20:2020. This might include existing drains or services, Underground tunnels, low roofs in listed buildings, planning restrictions, occupies space above or below and various other reasons. Derogation is required but we make the application process as simple as possible.
Max Capacity 300 kg 450 kg 630 kg
Max Speed 0.63 m/s 0.63 m/s 0.63 m/s
Min. PIT / EN81-20 1,000 mm 1,000 mm 1,000 mm
Min. PIT / EN81-21 170 mm 170 mm 170 mm
Min. Headroom EN81-20 3,350 mm 3,350 mm 3,350 mm
Min. Headroom EN81-21 2,850 mm 2,850 mm 2,850 mm
Car Guide Rails T70x65x9 T82.5x50x5 T89x62x16
CW Guide Rails T50x50x5 T50x50x5 T50x50x50
Max Travel 30,000 mm 30,000 mm 30,000 mm
Standard Shaft 1,450 x 1,350 mm 1,550 x 1,600 mm 1,600 x 1,800 mm
Standard Cabin 900 x 1,000 mm 1,000 x 1,250 mm 1,100 x 1,400 mm
Standard Door 700 mm 2PT 800 mm 2PT 900 mm 2PT


icon conformity image - Focus LPH

EN81-20/50, EN81-21, DIRECTIVE 2014/33/EU

icon cars image - Focus LPH

Car Size
Std 900x1000, 1000x1250, 1100x1400 (other sizes are available)

icon speed 640w - Focus LPH


icon power 640w - Focus LPH

400v Three Phase

icon maxtravel 640w - Focus LPH

Max Travel

icon application 640w - Focus LPH

Residential / Commercial

icon shafttypes 640w - Focus LPH

Shaft Types
Existing, Pre built concrete block or steel structure

icon pit 640w - Focus LPH

2850mm (EN81-21), 3350mm (EN81-20)

icon headroom 640w - Focus LPH

2850mm (EN81-21), 3350mm (EN81-20)

icon configuration 640w - Focus LPH

Single, Through, Adjacent

icon controls 640w - Focus LPH

Full Collective, Down Collective, Up Collective, One touch, GSM diagnostics.


At Axess 2, we design exceptional cabins with high aesthetic appearance, extreme durability and tailor made finishes. A wide variety of side walls, floors, false ceilings, handrails and accessories are available in order to create a cabin that will fit your individual style and expectations.

We offer a complete and customised solution to suit every need. Safety is our top priority thus we use high quality products and materials to ensure the elevator quality status.

Our cabins are being upgraded from a single means of transportation, to an architectural element. A unique collection of materials and colors are waiting for you.


Simplicity meets functionality in the Epoxy series. Powder coated* ceilings and side walls in high quality and durability, modern spot lights on the ceilings and durable plastic floors, make up the affordable solution for many years of daily elevation, without compromises.

Epoxy - Epoxy Series (EN 81-20/50)

Epoxy Material image - Focus LPH


The Galaxy may be entry level, but it does offer unbelievable combinations. Thanks to a system of multiple standardised options, we have the opportunity to differentiate according to our customers’ needs. A wide range of different colored laminates and designs, inox corners, floors, false ceilings and handrails, compose top class cabins.

Laminate - Galaxy Laminate Series (EN 81-20/50)

Galaxy Laminate Material color image - Focus LPH

Laminate - Galaxy Laminate Series

Galaxy Laminate Material image - Focus LPH


The Galaxy Glass cabin is one step further from standard line. Glass increases the sensation of luminosity ensuring the harmony with the architectural style. Every Galaxy Glass elevator is designed to integrate into different architectural tensions. It updates the aesthetic appeal making the lift more attractive, functional and safe. Axess 2 offers the highest quality of materials providing a wide variety of different colored glasses to choose from, in order to ensure that every customized requirement will be reflected to the final product.

Glass - Galaxy Glass Series (EN 81-20/50)

Galaxy Glass material image - Focus LPH


The industrial style finds its ultimate expression in the Inox series. A wide range of finishing and false ceilings made entirely of brushed stainless steel or mirror – for a more impressive result – and carefully selected floors and handrails, compose high aesthetics and robust cabins.

Stainless Steel - Inox Series

Inox Materials image - Focus LPH


The industrial style comes in perfect combination with our groundbreaking Inox myColor series of cabins, The new trends want to soften the 'strictness' of the Inox with different shades, and Axess 2 as an innovative company, supplies trendy and elegant cabins which highlight their absolute modern design by creating a pleasant mood.

Stainless Steel - Inox MyColour

Inox Color materials image - Focus LPH


For the wood lovers, we created the Forest series. Horizontal wood panels with stainless steel details, high quality carpet floors and artificial granite, are perfectly combined creating a warm and familiar composition. The cabins of the Forest series are ideal for residences and hotels.

Wooden Panels - Forest Series

Forest Material image - Focus LPH


The sophisticated elegance is reflected in the prestige series. The variety in materials, false ceilings, handrails, floors and mirrors in unlimited combinations, create high class cabins, distinguished for their absolute design and luxury.

Stainless Steel - Prestige Series (EN 81-2-/50)

Prestige Inox Color material image - Focus LPH