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Elevator News Round Up

Technology is constantly advancing within the engineering world, and this has been reflected greatly within the world of lifts.  The future of elevator technology shows the incredible things that new technology can achieve, making it a very exciting time for the lift industry.

Every year, individuals constantly push the boundaries of what can be achieved. Architects want to go bigger, and designers want to create something better. Here at Axess2, we will have a look at what is going on in the world of elevator news, to see what plans are in the works for platform lifts and the like.

Beijing’s Pay-Per-Ride Elevators

In recent years, Beijing have been experiencing building troubles within old apartment buildings, but recently, they have come up with a new solution to fix their problems. Beijing authorities are now installing pay-per-ride elevators within these old apartment buildings, allowing residents who are in need of the elevator service a ride up or down at the price of a small fee.

With this new solution, residents can pay by swiping a card. The fee stands at 0.2 yuan, which is equivalent to three US cents or 2.15 UK pence per ride. Calculations suggested that an average household within these buildings would be paying around 100 yuan a month, which is equivalent to £11.22.

This solution will bring many advantages to the residents who are already happy with the proposed lift. Did you know China requires all apartment buildings with more than six floors to include a lift? The residents also have to pay a yearly fee for the maintenance of it also. This solution eliminates the possibility of companies asking for extra as the resident are paying per ride.

There are 9,839 units of 2,264 buildings which are not equipped with elevators, but according to the Beijing government, pay-per-ride elevators will be installed in 11 units by the end of 2018.

Supertall Towers Elevator Revolution

Within the lift industry, individuals are ready to tackle any challenge they are faced with. This year, we will see a new elevator revolution as a new generation of skyscrapers is pushing manufacturers to update a 2,000-year-old Roman technology.

The history of elevators is truly fascinating, from what they started as to what they are today. Today, the world boasts some of the fastest lifts anyone has ever seen, but 2,000 years ago, Romans used elevators which were powered by pulleys, levers and slaves. These lifts were used to raise gladiators and wild beasts in Colosseums for match spectacles.

Today, engineering revolutions allow lifts to be propelled by powerful cables. Over the next two years, real estate developers are looking to build 187 towers boasting 250 meters. This is equivalent to 820 feet, or almost the length of three football fields. Many see this new revolution as pushing the limits of elevator physics.

Skyscraper Elevator

Bonaventure Metro’s Long-Awaited Elevator

The Bonaventure metro station, located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada has been waiting nine years for an elevator, which could finally be ready to see the light. In 2010, the station was one of the first in the city to get an elevator, however, the station needs two elevators to be considered universally accessible.

Although the elevator does link the platform to the turnstile level, there is no elevator allowing individuals to get from the station itself to street level, or from any other buildings linking the station to the city’s underground. After such a long wait, the Reseau de transport metropolitan has stated the project will be completed by the end of 2019, with the project estimated to cost $9.3 million.

It is taking three elevators for the metro station to be fully accessible: one linking the platform to the turnstile level, another linking to the South Shore bus terminal and a third to access the main floor of 1000 De La Gauchetiere, the building known as the Atrium. One of the city’s busiest stations will now become accessible.

There are so many exciting projects and ideas the future holds within the elevator industry. The world is advancing greatly with new technology, allowing these achievements to be succeeded.

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