Commercial passenger lifts from Axess 2 will ensure that your business or organisation meets the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act and complies with Part M of the Building Regulations. Commercial passenger lifts from Axess 2 are pioneering because they incorporate hydraulic lift technology that eliminates machine rooms, meaning they can be easily fitted into existing buildings, even where there is limited space.



home lift
home lift

Whether you’re looking for prestigious passenger lifts, low-rise wheelchair lifts or hard-working goods lifts – we have the products to meet (and exceed) your expectations.

That’s why Axess 2 has already been chosen to supply lifts for some of the biggest names in the commercial sector! Omega, Macdonalds, Apple and Next are just a few of the companies using our products.

Axess 2 commercial lifts are timelessly stylish, with a number of contemporary design features. We can also supply truly bespoke lift options, thanks to the fact that you can choose from a wide selection of colour and material options.

Whether yours is an indoor or an exterior lift system, we can ensure it meets all health and safety requirements while also looking stylish and performing flawlessly!


"I am delighted with the end product provided by Axess 2. We really are looking forward to opening more stores and now feel we have found a truly exceptional lift company to work in partnership with, and with the low maintenance fixed costs we can plan our budget far easier."

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