Choosing the Right Disabled Access Lift

Platform lifts are an increasingly popular option for many different audiences – and even more so when it comes to disabled access. Lifts are the perfect option within commercial and domestic environments as they are not only hugely flexible but create that much-needed independence for individuals who use wheelchairs or who need assistance with mobility.

Having a disability shouldn’t mean you can’t live the same life as anyone else. However, as a wheelchair user or someone with restricted mobility, it isn’t always be easy getting around, especially if the tools and equipment necessary for you to do so aren’t available. Whether a business owner, a family member of someone with a disability or someone looking for ease of access themselves, investing in a disabled access lift can make life much easier.

Different situations and requirements call for different types of disabled access lifts, so which one is right for you?

Situation: Limited space
Ideal Lift: FlexStep

The FlexStep is a convertible 2-in-1 solution which saves plenty of space in comparison to both stairs and a lifting platform. It is easy to integrate into a variety of spaces and comes in a wide range of design options and configurations. It combines a staircase with a lifting platform to create the optimum area when space is limited. This is the most space-saving lift in the entire market and accommodates to everyone.


  • Up to 6 step options available
  • Both indoor and outdoor use
  • No structural alterations needed
  • Lifting capacity of 400kg

You can see the full brochure for the FlexStep here.

 Flexstep 1 - Choosing the Right Disabled Access Lift Flexstep 2 - Choosing the Right Disabled Access Lift

Situation: Need for maximum height
Ideal Lift: Hi Steppa

The Hi Steppa can raise the user up to three metres, whilst still providing a great modern aesthetic and configuration options. Whilst this lift is robust and strong, it offers a smooth, lightweight, and quiet transit.


  • Up to 500 kg capacity
  • Up to 3m travel
  • Access between 2 levels
  • Wheelchair or ambulant
  • Internal and External
  • Domestic and Public
  • Use plus attendant

You can see the full brochure for the Hi Steppa here.

Hi Steppa - Choosing the Right Disabled Access Lift

Situation: Just want a simple, fuss-free, practical lift
Ideal Lift: The EasyLift

The EasyLift short platform lift is the go-to lift for innovative design that is also simple and effective. Walking impaired and wheelchair users can move elegantly and comfortable between locations without the complication and fuss of controls or structural difficulties.


  • Fuss-free
  • Variable design options available
  • Stable and comfortable
  • Be used both indoor and outdoor
  • No need to change structural elements
  • Lifts max 400kg capacity

You can see the EasyLift brochure here.

EasyLift - Choosing the Right Disabled Access Lift

Situation: The need for a discreet and tidy area
Ideal Lift: HDN (Hidden Step Lift)

The HDN can be easily and elegantly integrated into various building designs and it essentially camouflages into its surroundings. When not in use, the lift neatly retracts below the floor to give the illusion of no lift there at all.


  • Adjust to surroundings
  • Simply operation
  • Safety skirt to prevent wheelchairs rolling off
  • Silent operation
  • Both indoor and outdoor
  • Robust design
  • Commercial Use
  • Lifting capacity up to 400kg

You can see the full HDN lift brochure here for more information.

LDN 1 - Choosing the Right Disabled Access Lift LDN 2 - Choosing the Right Disabled Access Lift LDN3 - Choosing the Right Disabled Access Lift



Situation: Need for extra safety and security in larger spaces
Ideal Lift: The Liberty 3 Series

While all our lifts are safe and secure, some situations call for an enclosed lift platform. The Liberty Platform lift can be installed in any premises with numerous floors and create a clean, aesthetically pleasing appearance. These lifts can be tailored to include fire doors, special floor covering and much more. The Liberty is perfect for areas with numerous floors as it can have up to 4 stops.


  • Enclosed for extra security and safety
  • Up to 4 floor stops, so perfect for larger spaces
  • Can be tailored and adjusted to requirements
  • Suitable for external application
  • Up to 400kg working load
  • Smooth, quiet ride
  • Easy to use button control panel
  • Handrail and safety edges
  • Backup emergency lighting

You can see the full Liberty lift brochure from Axess2 here.

Liberty 3 Lift - Choosing the Right Disabled Access Lift

Situation: The need for a higher load
Ideal Lift: The Lyfta L

The Lyfta L has been specifically designed for higher loads, mainly in the public and commercial sector where this is required. This lift can carry up to 1000kg/ 8 persons and is based on an extremely reliable screw and nut driving system. It comes with an easy-to-use control panel and includes features such as an emergency stop button, emergency lighting and extra elements such as LED spotlights.


  • Carries heavier load of 1000kg/8 persons
  • Smooth start-stop frequency
  • Low operating costs and power consumption
  • Fast installation time (between 3-4 days)

You can see the full details of the Lyfta L in the brochure here.

Lyfta L 1 - Choosing the Right Disabled Access Lift Lyfta L 2 - Choosing the Right Disabled Access Lift Lyfta L 3 - Choosing the Right Disabled Access Lift

If you are looking for the perfect disabled access lift for your specific requirements or a certain situation, the team here at Axess2 would be more than happy to discuss further. Simply get in touch for more information and we will be sure to find the ideal lift for your needs.