Rafael hydraulic lift Installed in Scope property

Scope is the leading UK disability charity for children and adults with cerebral palsy (CP). When they approached Axess 2 with a special request for one of their homes, we were more than happy to help…

Back in 2010, Axess 2 was approached by Scope with a view to installing a platform lift at one of their properties. Scope came to Axess 2 because they wanted something a bit different to a regular platform lift and they knew we had the products and expertise to meet their expectations.

Two of the main requirements were for the lift to look modern and contemporary whilst maintaining a light and airy feel. Scope wanted the journey to be enjoyable for the people using the lift and were very keen for the lift to be design led and to distance itself from the regular disabled platform lifts.

With a vast array of products to choose from, we eventually settled on the Rafael lift with a load rating of 500kg. With its tried, tested and trusted hydraulic system complete with the new piston from Wittur and the extensive range of finishes and options, the Rafael was the perfect solution.

This lift was designed to offer all the benefits of a traditional lift combined with great savings on installation and maintenance. The Rafael combines innovation with technology making it suitable for this particular application. To add to the authentic lift look and feel, the car has one touch operating controls and automatic car and landing doors by Prisma (Italy). The lift was housed in a steel through floor shaft supplied by us and then clad with toughened laminated glass from top to bottom.

We gave them the option to include a 1600mm x 1100mm lift car, created in a Steel finish. We designed the lift car to maximize space by installing the floor designation buttons into the car wall. To comply with part M and DDA requirements a mirror and a brushed stainless steel hand rail were installed on the back wall of the lift cabin. The inside of the lift car was illuminated using LED down lights to minimize the power consumption. We also offered an emergency auto dial system from the lift to our control centre giving the users full piece of mind whilst using the lifts.


Scope Installation

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