CARe – Lift Car Active Sanitisation System

Professional system for the active sanitation of the lift car. Suitable for any existing lift.

CARe banner Axess 2 - CARe  - Lift Car Active Sanitisation System

Lift safety in the time of Covid-19

The lift car is an enclosed and small space, often without any ventilation, thus leading to potential risks in this time of emergency. Car surfaces and commonly-touched surfaces such as push-button panels and handrails are especially exposed to the build-up of viruses and bacteria, and they therefore deserve special attention. In addition to ensuring social distancing and using the lift only one person at a time wearing personal protective equipment, in order to avoid exposure to the risk of contagion it is also necessary to provide an antimicrobial cleaning of the lift car.

Designed and developed to be a flexible and efficient solution for the active sanitisation of the lift car.

CARe is a professional system featuring two technologies (air and light) with certified products for the sanitisation of car lifts in a few minutes.

The air

A mechanical ventilation device with centrifugal motor and absolute HEPA filter combined with an activated charcoal membrane carries out a continuous air sanitisation and an instantaneous ventilation. The air vacuumed from the lift car is channeled through flexible pipes to the device where it is filtered and purified from any virus and bacteria in the particulate, and it is then flown back into the lift car.

Technical specifications:
Motor: centrifugal electric
Flow volume: 1 m3/min
Pressure: 177 Pa
Power: 28 W
Voltage: 220-240 V, 50 Hz
Filter: absolute HEPA + activated charcoal Filter capacity: ≥ 0.5 μm
Dimensions: 244 x 244 x h 180 mm Weight: 1,5 kg

The sanitising device does not involve the use of ozone which could be irritating without an adequate air exchange.

The light

The UV-C ultraviolet light of the LED lamp, the same germicidal UVGI  (Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation) technology used for sanitizing hospitals, guarantees the complete and instantaneous sterilization  of the car surfaces. The ultraviolet light removes almost any (99.9%) microorganism from surfaces.  The air exchange is automatically activated and occurs in the stand-by phase when there are no passengers in the car.

Technical specifications:
Lamp: UVGI germicidal LED
Lifetime: over 50,000 hours Dimensions: Ø 97 mm

Unlike legacy neon lights containing mercury, which is highly toxic  and dangerous if dispersed in the environment, the LED light guarantees the safety of users and operators, as well as energy saving advantages and longer lifetime.


CARe is a universal retrofit device suitable for any existing lift conceived
to highly reduce the risk of contagion and developed for an easier use
and maintenance of the lift. The noiseless and vibration-free device is installed on the car roof and is therefore invisible in the car.


The installation shall be carried out by trained operators and requires minimal intervention:

  • the CARe unit is located on the car roof;
    holes are required in the lift car for the installation of air vents directly on the ceiling or on the car wall to be connected with pipes and ducts to the device;
  • prearrangement of a hole in the car for positioning the UVGI germicidal LED light (ceiling or wall);
  • connection to the car electronics.

Plug and play

The CARe technology is equipped with special electronics, able to independently run both the air recycling operation and the activation of UV-C germicidal lamp. No interface with the lift control panel is required.


CARe requires periodical maintenance in order to guarantee safe operation over the time. Replacement of the air filter every 6 months and replacement of LED lamp every 5 years.