Can a home lift increase your property value?

As the average age of the UK’s population continues to rise, innovations in the home are increasingly sought-after to help older persons maintain an independent lifestyle. This means that many people of retirement age are forgoing previous trends to downsize, and instead opting to remain in their current home with the help of mobility aids, such as platform lifts.

While there are many practical reasons for installing a home lift, it’s worth considering that the installation of such a device could actually increase the value of your property by anywhere up to 25 percent.

Home Lift

Reasons to install a home lift in the UK

For many people, getting older means being less mobile, and perhaps less able to negotiate stairs. A home lift is designed to allow older persons to access the upper levels of their property without having to struggle with stairs or risk injury while doing so.

All persons of reduced mobility, regardless of age, will find a platform lift an indispensable addition to home life – but that’s not all. Everybody members can benefit from a home lift, as it brings new capabilities. A lift can provide worthwhile aid in all manner of daily activities – from moving laundry, transporting a heavy vacuum cleaner upstairs or moving furniture around, it’s easy to see how a lift could transform everyday life.

Can home lifts be aesthetically pleasing?


Qube Home Lift

While you might think that a modern home lift simply offers practicality, you might be surprised to discover that a lift can potentially be used as a unique architectural feature. Platform lifts are available in all sorts of different colours and finishes and can be easily customised to match the ambience of their respective buildings. After all, glass-fronted lifts in commercial settings (such as shopping centres and office complexes) have long been revered for their aesthetic – and now the same can be said for the home. With a combination of desirability and practicality, it’s no small wonder than a home lift can increase the existing value of a property by a quarter.

Will a lift increase the saleability of my home?


Increasing the value of your home


While a lift might be a necessary feature for someone who wants to remain mobile in their own home, you might be wondering about what happens after a property is vacated and placed on the market. The good news is that it can make a property even more attractive to buyers – particularly the elderly and persons with reduced mobility.

Those with normal mobility also have their reasons to consider owning a property with a lift. A home with a lift has essentially been future-proofed, which means less hassle in the event of loss of mobility during old age.

Some people might also require a lift to help with their career – a musician, for example, would find it beneficial to be able to load heavy equipment after an evening performance without having to repeatedly lift cumbersome items upstairs.

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Whatever your reasons, if you’d like to know more about how a home lift could benefit your premises, why not get in touch with our experienced team? Our experts will be happy to discuss your requirements and advise further on how a platform lift could help.