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The Best Lift Scenes from the Movies

Here at Axess2, we love all things lifts.

Lifts in the home, platform lifts at work…we’ve covered it all. So when we see lifts crop up in popular movies, it is a cause for celebration!

Lifts are used extensively in films to set the scene. Whether the movie calls for a dramatic separation of two people and uses the sliding doors as a medium for this, or whether the films requires a closed space to create tension, lifts are always favoured.

Through the years we’ve seen the funny, the eerie, the sad and the heartwarming – take a look at some of our favourite moments, below.

Elevated Drama

The Apartment (1960) – A Flower from Miss Kubelik

The 1960 classic romantic comedy The Apartment centres around elevator operator Shirley MacLaine and insurance salesman Bud Baxter. After meeting in the lift taking Bud up to his office, what ensues is a mixture of mistaken identity, comical quips and the very famous last line, “Shut up and deal”.

Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (1971) – Glass Elevator

A list of famous lifts from the movies would not be complete without the iconic glass elevator from Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory. After proving himself to be honest and true, Wonka takes Charlie and his Grandpa Joe on a ride out of the roof of the chocolate factory to take in the stunning views whilst awarding Charlie his factory as a gift.

The Parent Trap (1998) – The Reunion

A remake of the 1961 classic, The Parent Trap sees Lindsay Lohan plotting her divorced parent’s reunion. After finally arranging for both parties to be in the same hotel on the same weekend, the reunion is one that is exceptionally memorable, as the special moment is cut short due to a closing elevator door.

Lost in Translation (2003) – Elevator Scene

A film which focuses heavily on social isolation in the modern world, Lost in Translation stars Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray as they attempt to rediscover something within themselves. During the opening scenes of the film, the alienation and loneliness that Murray’s character feels are epitomised when silently riding a lift surrounded by Japanese people.


Elf (2003) – Looks like a Christmas Tree

A family-friendly movie that is watched annually by many is Will Ferrell’s Elf, in which Buddy the Elf leaves the comfort of his home in the North Pole and travels to New York City in search of his real father. On finding several things that the North Pole does not have, such as cars, rude people and amazing food, Buddy is mesmerised by the lift that he uses to reach his father’s office, making for quite the comical moment!

Captain America 2 (2014) – Elevator Scene

A more modern example of a lift being used in the movies, Captain America 2 depicts Steve Rogers using his superpowers to save the world from impending doom. During one particularly exciting scene, Captain America finds himself being cornered in the confined space that is a lift. The result? An action-packed fight scene that proves just how brilliant Captain America truly is.

Although we can’t promise that any of the above dramatic moments in cinema will happen to you, what we can promise is a stunning vertical platform lift tailored to meet your specific requirements. Whether it’s domestic or commercial, we can provide fantastic solutions in a range of options.

Contact us today to see what lift options your home or business have.

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