• Aesthetics
  • Reduced pit size
  • No pit at all
  • Unusual load bearings
  • Lack of headroom
  • Unusual space
  • Custom operating controls
  • Speed
  • Site conditions
  • Robust interiors for challenging environments
  • Lift to match existing building features


The most critical aspect of a bespoke lift project is the initial consultation and ongoing communication with clients. We understand that sometimes there are budget and architectural limitations so we take time to really understand your requirements and aim to provide a range of potential options and solutions. Our extensive knowledge of lift systems ensures we always find the best possible answer to any challenge and our installation quality standards are market leading.


Many well-known names in the commercial sector have taken advantage of our bespoke lifts. In many cases the buildings don’t support the minimum requirements for a standard platform lift. Low headroom pitless lifts are becoming increasingly more popular. With our large selection of bespoke lift colours, finishes, options and sizes – Axess 2 is rapidly becoming the number one choice for Architects and Specifiers.

Our bespoke lifts are also perfect for domestic lift solutions. Every house is different, so every lift requirement is different. It could be that you want a step lift or inclined platform lift, but you have an oddly-shaped staircase or maybe you’re just short of space.

A bespoke lift gives you options that a pre-engineered lift simply cannot offer. Why not get in touch via our contact page? Or simply give us a call on 01200 405 005 for a no-obligation chat about your requirements.