Axess 2 install lift in Ronald McDonald Charity House!

The Leonardo electric traction lift was installed in the Camberwell Ronald McDonald Charity House as part of a large relocation and renovation project.

Ronald McDonald House (RMHC) Camberwell has provided free accommodation to the hundreds of parents and siblings of sick children at King’s College Hospital for over 12 years. As a result of a lot of hard work and money raised by families and supporters, the House relocated to a terraced building on Windsor Walk, meaning it can now help even more families.

The refurbishment meant combining and converting four existing four-storey Victorian era town houses into a 24 bedroom temporary accommodation unit. Axess 2 are extremely proud to have been part of this relocation and renovation project.

The Axess 2 Leonardo platform lift was chosen by the RMHC design team and Marabuild specifically for features such as low noise levels during operation, compliance with DDA requirements, low cost in terms of associated builders works and low impact to the existing building structure. We worked closely with Marabuild, providing advice and assistance to ensure the correct steel work was in place prior to the installation of the lift.

The machinery directive platform lift was designed and built to provide access to all four floors in the property. The lift featured a DDA compliant 1100×1400 lift cabin finished in satin stainless steel to compliment the new modern contemporary surroundings. At each landing there was a set of stainless steel 900mm wide automatic telescopic sliding doors providing a traditional passenger lift feel.

The Leonardo Machine room less lift is rapidly becoming the design of choice in todays market. Machine room less lifts or MRL’s have all equipment located within the lift shaft, or on the landings, and do not need a separate room to house the control panel etc. This kind of technology enables the Leonardo to be installed with a low pit or in some cases completely pitless (small access ramp required). Having  the motor positioned at the bottom of the lift shaft means the overall headroom of the lift is reduced, down to just 2500mm with telescopic doors!

Alex Blackhurst from Marabuild commented

“Marabuild found the lead in and installation of the lift to be an extremely easy process and was highly impressed with the efficiency of Axess 2 from project planning stage through to installation, commissioning and certification. Marabuild have recommended to the Building tenants that Axess 2 be asked to maintain the installation on a regular basis”.