What Architects are Thinking when their Clients Say…

Being an architect is a fun job, and for the majority of the time, your clients are generally quite helpful when it comes to bringing you on board with their project.

However, sometimes their questions and overall “vision” are somewhat confusing or unhelpful for us architects, such as…

“Here’s My Design!”

  Creativity problems. Blank sheet of paper and crumpled paper wads.

While we completely appreciate you wanting to be a part of the process, we have experts who are able to accurately design what you require which takes into account all the architectural side of things. Thanks though…

“Oh… I Don’t Know, You Decide”

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Sadly, although we’re the experts, we aren’t mind readers and can’t make the decision on how things are designed. After all, it’s your project first and foremost, right? Only you can know exactly what you want!

“I Want the Same as *Insert Previous Client’s Project Here*”

  Freelance webdesigners talking about a project

Although it’s pretty flattering that you’ve taken an interest in our past work, we will never design something exactly the same for two different clients.

You want your project to be unique, right? It’s all well and good taking inspiration, but no copying other work, okay?

“That Looks Good So Far, But Could We Change…”

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If you didn’t add it in the initial design… or the follow up design with your changes… or the final design which has been given the go ahead, it’s most likely that what you’re asking for isn’t important.

Don’t overcomplicate the design by adding things mid-way through…

“I Need This Project Completed By *Insert Ridiculously Small Time Frame*”

woman holding big clock

Quality work is never rushed, so unless you want a substandard job (or architects dropping out of your project because of your demands) be sure to give us enough time to get the work done.

“It’s Very Different… I’m Not Sure If I Like It”

Feeling uncertain about?Frustrated young man in casual wear holding hand on chin and looking away while standing isolated on white background

Different is what you were going for, right? This comment gets us every time; if you wanted something to be the same, you wouldn’t have had an architect come in and design a whole new project!

We’ll be meeting your criteria that you gave us, just let us prove that change isn’t bad!

Being an architect is great and we do love working alongside our customers, especially when installing our specialist platform lifts! As long as the architect and the client are on the same page, you can be sure that your project will be a success.