Working with Axess2 can reduce the stress, cost and effort of finding the right lift to suit your requirements.

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We pride ourselves on providing everything needed by architects and specifiers when it comes to high-performance Part M compliant UK lifts. The Axess2 team have many years’ experience and thoroughly understand the specification process.

We are able to advise on the application of our products with regards to Building Regulations and British Standards as well as supplying the ‘all-important’ written specification documents, samples, literature and technical drawings for consultation and planning.


Axess2 understand the importance of excellence and reliability when it comes to lifts which is why we focus on providing the latest technology available and have a professional team of engineers at your disposal.


We are a family-owned lift company that upholds the core values of quality products and customer care. We pride ourselves on ensuring that you end up with the products which best meet your needs.


Alongside our extensive choice of platform lifts, we also provide a wide range of other lift types to suit your access needs, including home lifts, passenger lifts, dumb waiter lifts, goods lifts, lifts for stairs and trolley lifts.


Our team of lift experts can advise on your unique access requirements and provide more information on our solutions. Please call on 01200 405005, email us at info@axess2.co.uk or fill in our contact form.


The lift design options available from Axess2 mean that you can create a lift that not only performs flawlessly, but also looks and feels stylish.

Axess2 is one of very few UK lift specialists to offer truly bespoke lifts complete with all the required certifications and Building Regulation requirements.



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