Achilles Building Confidence – Axess 2 accredited Building Confidence Supplier


As of October 2013, we are proud to announce we have achieved accreditation to the Building Confidence Standard!

Building confidence is designed to raise the accreditation standard in the construction industry and so this is an achievement of which Axess 2 can be proud of.

Axess 2 is now an accredited supplier under the Achilles Building Confidence Scheme. The Achilles Building Confidence scheme has become the standard for supplier excellence within the construction and building industry. Here at Axess 2 we aim to use the Building Confidence service to monitor and evaluate our supply chains, improve performance and assist in building stronger and long lasting relationships with our main suppliers.

Axess 2 have been awarded the Achilles Building Confidence accreditation status as a contractor that meets the requirements of their vigorous audit. The Achilles Building Confidence audit and pre-qualification accreditation includes checking our financial, safety, environmental/sustainability, social & ethical (CSR), occupational health and QA/QC management systems, competencies and capabilities.