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The Steppa type of step lift is normally installed alongside an existing small staircase or steps, to allow access to the building with a wheelchair or by people who have difficulty with steps.

The step lift can be installed in residential properties or public buildings where DDA compliance is required. The 2-piece system Step lift from Axess 2 continues to provide strength and modern aesthetics with a host of new and improved features. Now available in a large range of platform sizes, entry and bespoke options to suit your environment.



Key features and benefits

  • Pump unit is integrated within the gate reduced vandalism risk
  • No need for separate control unit or pump location
  • Easy access to pump for servicing
  • Easier and faster to install
  • Simpler to use
  • More compact
  • New stylish protective bellows – more rigid/durable
  • Improved IP 67 rated switching (waterproof) with easy service access
  • Easy to use emergency lowering system

Standard Features

  • Travel up to 1m
  • Maximum capacity of 250 kg
  • Suitable for internal or external use (Weatherproof)
  • Battery operated hydraulic power with mains back-up
  • Key operated call stations
  • Easy installation and low maintenance
  • Can be relocated
  • Full platform safety edge as standard
  • Auto reverse safety system on ramp
  • Locking system to secure ramp in UP position
  • Designed to BS 6440, TUV and CE approved

Optional Features

  • Interlocking gate
  • Automatic gate open and close
  • Choose from alternative RAL colours
  • Vandal guards on call stations
  • Customised control options
  • Bespoke designs


Through entry

ModelInternal DimensionsExternal Dimensions
740mm (Standard)740 x 1400mm975 x 1995mm
800mm800 x 1400mm1065 x 1995mm
1100mm1100 x 1400mm1355 x 1995mm

Adjacent entry

ModelInternal DimensionsExternal Dimensions
740mm (Standard)860x 1400mm1135 x 1835mm
800mm950 x 1400mm1225 x 1835mm
1100mm1240 x 1400mm1515 x 1835mm

Bridging step

ModelInternal DimensionsExternal Dimensions
740mm (Standard)740x 1400mmTBA
800mm830 x 1400mmTBA

Pit mounted

ModelInternal DimensionsExternal DimensionsPit
740mm (Standard)740 x 1400mm995 x 1580mm80mm
800mm800 x 1400mm1085 x 1580mm80mm
1100mm1100 x 1400mm1375 x 1580mm80mm
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