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Service Lifts: An Industry Essential

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Lifts and elevators have become essential in the future of construction, as multi-storey buildings demand a secondary option to countless flights of stairs. But some industries cannot physically function without an elevator aid. Industries that deal with the transportation of … [read more…]

Solar Energy and Lift Technology

As concern for the environment grows and people feel more conscious about their carbon footprint, alternatives to conventional energy sources are becoming more popular – as evidenced by the growing uses of solar energy. This means innovations in the development … [read more…]

Become Your Own Lift Designer


How do you fancy becoming a lift designer expert who has full control over how your lift functions and looks? You do? Excellent! The good news is that our lift specialists here at Axess 2 welcome the help of our … [read more…]

This Year’s Winner of the “Nobel Prize” for Architecture

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Since we work closely with architects and interior designers to create our range of passenger and commercial lifts, we take a special interest in news that emerges from the architecture scene. The latest news to capture our attention is the … [read more…]

The World’s Fastest Elevator

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The team at Axess2 pride ourselves on delivering nothing but the finest levels of service. Whether that’s through delivering our high quality, reliable and affordable lifts, or through offering you our entertaining and informative blog articles, we only ever strive … [read more…]

Places To Use a Dumb Waiter… That Aren’t Restaurants

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Ah, dumb waiters, those helpful contraptions that we see in movies and restaurants that carry food and plates between floors of a building. However, you’d be forgiven for thinking that these useful lifts are only ever used in a culinary … [read more…]

A Guide to Cleaning Your Lift

Why do we have to clean our room - upset kids with cleaning utensils

  Your business or home may be your pride and joy- everything in its proper place and every surface polished to perfection… but what about your access lifts? It may be sat in the corner of your room, silent and … [read more…]

Safety in the Home: Domestic Lifts

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  Lift safety has been a great topic of discussion and an area of concern ever since they were first invented. Though various mechanical improvements have made lifts safer, there are a couple of ways, where you can help to … [read more…]

Guide to Buying a Passenger Lift

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  Before we go any further, from everybody here at Axess2, we’d like to wish you  all a very happy New Year! Now that you’ve had the time to relax, unwind and welcome in 2016 with open arms, your thoughts … [read more…]

3 Elevator-Etiquette Resolutions for 2016

Keep calm and get out of the way.

With the New Year fast approaching and the Season of Goodwill nearly fully behind us, we think it’s time to address the little matter of elevator etiquette with a view to pencilling in some potential resolutions. Frequent visitors to our … [read more…]