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Why You Need a Lift in Your Home

Residential lifts are becoming increasingly popular. Once considered luxury objects, they’re now being used to help improve the quality of life of a wide range of people, including those who are dependent on others to move around. A lift will … [read more…]

What Makes a Dream Home?

Most people think about their dream home. They build it up in their minds, adding new expansions and decorating entire rooms, so when the time comes they can already see it in front of them. Dream houses vary from person … [read more…]

Converting Old Buildings Into Homes: What to Consider?

If you’re in the market for a home, there’s a chance you might have found ‘the one’ in an old building. Maybe that building is also unique, as well as old, such as a church, a barn or a water … [read more…]

Channel 4’s The Restoration Man Says Our Lifts Are ‘Really Cool’

It’s really cool… I don’t think I ever said that about a residential lift before. George Clark – The Restoration Man   The Channel 4 show, The Restoration Man, is an inspirational piece of programming; people are inspired when they … [read more…]

The Best View in London

The Shard, London

London is a city in perpetual transformation. Its skyline keeps changing as more and more skyscrapers are built, offering the best bird-eye views of the city. They’re not the only locations in the capital capable of offering these stunning views, … [read more…]

Decision Time: Buying Your Home Lift

Home Lift

As with all major decisions in life, choosing to buy a home lift is a huge decision and is not one that can be taken lightly. Here at Axess2 we work with homeowners who have made the decision to install … [read more…]

What to Consider When Renovating or Upgrading a Listed Building

Country Mansion

Working on a listed building can bring several challenges with it, be it a renovation or upgrading project, or even just adding new extensions to the structure. These challenges stem from the fact that listed buildings are considered historically and … [read more…]

London’s Skyline of the Future

City of London

London’s skyline is constantly changing as the population grows and, therefore, real estate is becoming scarcer and more valuable. London is also an economic hub, so the available space is quickly being filled with a wide variety of businesses that … [read more…]

The Most Common Lift Myths

Elevator Shaft

Whether you’re a lift expert or not, you’ve probably come across some so-called facts about lifts which might make you reconsider ever getting in one again. Even though there are some “facts” which sound useful, we’re here to debunk them all! … [read more…]

Why We Used the Leonardo for Durham Cathedral

Durham Cathedral Ceiling

Durham Cathedral is a place of knowledge and worship, and its incredible architecture has led it to be listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its reputation also extends to pop culture, as it was featured in the Harry Potter … [read more…]