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The Home Lift Buying Guide


Home lifts don’t have to be all about functionality, there is a lot more to them than that. They should fit in with how your home is decorated – becoming part of your home and helping to increase its valuation. … [read more…]

A Guide to Creating the Perfect Home Lift

Home lifts are incredibly advantageous to any home and are becoming more and more popular because of it. They offer freedom of movement and can also look fantastic, which is why it’s important that, when thinking about a home lift, … [read more…]

Maintaining Your Lift

two male technician machinist worker at work adjusting elevator mechanism of lift with spanner

A lift is a long-term investment. Ensuring that it is kept to its highest standard is, therefore, important to help with your peace of mind after such a purchase. This is especially the case with a home lift, as you need … [read more…]

Architecture and Design: Considerations with Renovations (SlideShare)

Hydraulic 500 Rafael Lift

When working on an old building, it’s imperative that you take into consideration the limitations inherent to such a building. After all, maintaining the original structure, design and architecture can be challenging when you have renovations to perform, so you … [read more…]

Stepping into a Step Lift


Homes differ in size, design and layout in thousands of different ways. The same can be said for many businesses throughout the country. So, a full-sized lift may not always be a viable option for your home or even your … [read more…]

Home Lift or Stair Lift? (Infographic)

lifts or stairlistsinfographic

In the domestic home, there is a choice between a home lift and a stair lift. Both would be an excellent addition to any home, but the choice can be hard to make depending on your individual needs. So, what … [read more…]

The Current Trend for the Glass Lift

Traction 600 Galileo Lift

Axess2 specialises in designing outstanding glass lifts for both the commercial and domestic market. In recent years’ home elevators have become more popular than ever, with glass lifts specifically designed to meet interior design needs of a residential client. not … [read more…]

Installing a Home Lift: What You Need to Know

Installing a lift can offer you a world of advantages, as it allows you to move freely around your own home swiftly and easily. It doesn’t come as a surprise, then, that many people are choosing this option, given that … [read more…]

How a Home Lift Can Increase the Value of Your Home

Lift Design

Home lifts can be an incredibly useful asset within your home, providing support for those with mobility issues and integrating seamlessly with your home design. However, these are not the only benefits of the installation of a home lift. In … [read more…]

Lift with a View: Glass Lifts


For many building around Britain, having an elevator has become a necessity. Architecture is getting taller and so access needs to be provided so that everyone – no matter their circumstance – is not closed off from this upward growth. … [read more…]

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