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Where Would You Find Platform Lifts?

We at Axess2 have been specialising in providing various kinds of lifts to an array of industries and sectors for nearly a decade, whilst also providing them in the domestic environment. For us, we feel extremely proud when we make … [read more…]

The Axess2: Guide to Service Lifts

Our wide range of lifts ensures the safe transportation of people and goods, in commercial or domestic settings. Our previous guide on home lifts provides a view of the versatility and usefulness of home lift solutions for people to navigate … [read more…]

Design Trends to Look Out For in 2017

With the end of another year in design, 2017 is here to provide more inspiration. This year’s interior design trends will keep advancing the modern building to a minimalist and beautiful hub. From colours to materials, this new year is … [read more…]

How Have Lifts Evolved Through the Ages?

Amazing Great Pyramids of Giza, Egypt iStock_000015224988_Medium

It’s hard to think of a world now where lifts didn’t exist. Not only would it be very hard for people with mobility issues to move around the world with ease, but it would be quite difficult for businesses and … [read more…]

An Insight into Lift Design: The Finer Details

The process of lift design is something that we deal with on a daily basis here at Axess2, but no two projects will ever be the same, especially when it comes to bespoke lift design. There’s a lot of thought, … [read more…]

The Science of Lifts

Inside a lift showing the mechanisms

Lifts are a huge feat of engineering; they are capable of lifting dozens of people to higher levels in large buildings, and they can also provide an alternative way for people that have trouble walking to access the higher and … [read more…]

The Axess2 Guide to Home Lifts

We’ve previously discussed our range of step lifts and what makes them so useful for people with reduced mobility. Now, we’re looking at home lifts. These lifts can come in many different shapes and sizes, but they all have one … [read more…]

What Can We Expect from the Lifts of the Future?

Lift technology is continuously changing and at Axess2 we’re always excited to hear about new developments – and imagine the future of lifts! Understandably, this is an issue that is very dear to us, given that we deal with lifts … [read more…]

3 Amazingly Quirky Lifts (Part 2)

Lifts are present everywhere in the world. They make life easier and are extremely useful in both residential and commercial buildings. Lifts were invented a very long time ago and are in continuous development, as we can see from machines … [read more…]

5 of Axess2’s Greatest Projects

Here at Axess2 we consider ourselves extremely lucky to have the opportunity to contribute to a wide variety of projects with our quality lifts. Not only do we learn a lot, but we’re also able to install lifts in beautiful … [read more…]

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