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Accessibility Made Easy With A Home Lift!


With accessibility for people with disabilities becoming an even more important topic over the years, here at Axess 2 we are excited to be involved with being able to give people who suffer with mobility issues and health concerns the … [read more…]

What a Nightmare: Scary Movies and Lifts

Metal elevator interior

There is something rather scary about movies that primarily take place in one location – whether it’s a single room or a terrifyingly small box (yup that one actually is a movie). However, we think that scary movies that mainly … [read more…]

Getting Your Priorities Right – Disabled Access Around the World

Paraplegic - Wheelchair

Here at Axess2, we’re passionate about proper disabled access, which is why we take such pains over the provision of quality disabled lifts. In our book, nobody should be excluded from anywhere purely because of a mobility issue, and that’s … [read more…]

Lifts: Not Just For Humans

Metal elevator interior

Lifts substantially increase the accessibility of any building, but have you ever considered that it’s not just people who benefit from this? Indeed, a prominent news story from the US has shown us that dogs can use elevators too. Nala, … [read more…]

Thinking Smart – Future-Focussed Elevators

Future Focussed Lifts

At Axess2, we love lifts of all descriptions, and this is exactly why we take such an interest in the evolution of elevator technology. We’ll often cast our eyes back over where we’ve been in the past, as the development … [read more…]

Axess 2 Meets Dsquared2


Here at Axess 2, we’ve been pretty busy recently designing and installing lifts for our huge variety of clients. We love the fact that one day we could be working in a hospital and the next in a high end … [read more…]

Axess 2 Sports

Every Saturday between the months of August and May, thousands of football fans flock to their local ground to show their support for their beloved team. But for many fans, the match-day experience is ruined by the fact that they’re … [read more…]

How the Lift Came to Be

Lifts are one of humanity’s most useful modern inventions and improve the accessibility and efficiency of our buildings, be these skyscrapers or our homes. However, there are many things you may not know about lifts, namely the history of this … [read more…]

Great Glass Lifts

Glass and scenic lifts are a great way to add a touch of modern style to any property. Used within the building, they allow for a more spacious and airy feeling, whilst used on the exterior they can offer great … [read more…]

How to Choose Your Home Lift

There are many reasons why people choose to install home lifts in their property; it could be for health reasons, or for aesthetically-pleasing architectural pleasure. In fact, home lifts are becoming an increasingly popular feature in properties. So why choose … [read more…]