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Life Without Lifts

How often do you find yourself using a lift? Do you use one reach the top floor of your building, when you go shopping, or perhaps you have one installed in your house? Lifts are a part of everyday life … [read more…]

Unusual Stories from Lifts

  Believe it or not, the interior of a lift not only offers us a swift and smooth journey to our destination, it can provide a whole lot more. On the way up or down, it is where you could … [read more…]

The Engineering Challenges for Sky-High Lifts

With society moving towards taller and taller buildings due to population increase in cities, architects and designers have to consider how to provide adequate transportation. Some of the world’s tallest lifts have already been successfully constructed but they often pose … [read more…]

How a Lift Can Become Part of Your Design

Water Tower Lift

When the design of a home or commercial building is being created, consistency is often key. Many architects will talk about creating a ‘flow’ throughout the space which ties elements together. This is something that we often think about when … [read more…]

Top 5 Myths You Might Still Believe About Lifts

Lifts are part of our everyday lives, but many people still believe some misconceptions about them. Even though most of us use lifts all the time, the truth is that years of false information has been passed around, leading to … [read more…]

Out of This World Transport: All You Need to Know About Space lifts

What Is a Space Lift? A space lift is a type of space transportation and even though it technically doesn’t exist yet, there are some very exciting and intriguing rumours that by 2035 we could have lift off! 60,000 miles … [read more…]

How The Invention Of Lifts Changed The World

Who Invented the Lift? Can you imagine a world without lifts? Think about it; if this invention was never created, we wouldn’t have the tall buildings we know today and our cities would not look the same. Many of us … [read more…]

How Important is Bespoke Design in Lifts?

When purchasing a lift, it’s important to take several things into consideration, like its design and the characteristics of the building, whether it’s residential or commercial. Sometimes, due to the features of a specific property, it’s challenging or impossible to … [read more…]

10 Facts About Lifts You Didn’t Know

Since the invention of lifts, they have changed the design of the modern city. They are used all over the world, making even the tallest of buildings easily accessible. But how much do you know about lifts? Here are 10 … [read more…]

Where Are The Tallest Lifts In The World?

Lifts were created many years ago and have become a vital part of the way we live. Whether it be a lift for your house, for work, or to move from floor to floor in large buildings, lifts have played … [read more…]

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