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Great Glass Lifts

View from Westin St. Francis elevator

Glass and scenic lifts are a great way to add a touch of modern style to any property. Used within the building, they allow for a more spacious and airy feeling, whilst used on the exterior they can offer great … [read more…]

How to Choose Your Home Lift

Qube home lift contemporary

There are many reasons why people choose to install home lifts in their property; it could be for health reasons, or for aesthetically-pleasing architectural pleasure. In fact, home lifts are becoming an increasingly popular feature in properties. So why choose … [read more…]

Entertaining Elevators


Lifts don’t have to be just a helpful means of getting from A to B, they can be a pretty interesting too. Here we take a look at some of the most entertaining elevators from around the world, which really … [read more…]

Axess 2 install glass lift in George Clarke’s Restoration Man Water Tower project


Pannal Water Tower was one of the last brick public water supply towers built, as reinforced concrete was being extensively used for water towers at this time. The 37,500 gallon water tower was built in the 1940s by Harrogate Corporation … [read more…]

Advantages of Having a Lift in Your Home


Having a lift in your home can have many advantages, some of which you may never have considered before. Here are some of the advantages that installing a good quality, well designed lift can offer in your home. Accessibility One … [read more…]

Levitating Lifts


Here at Axess2 we like to keep up to date with all the latest exciting news and updates from the wonderful world of lifts. In one of our recent blogs we touched upon the subject of a  new breed of … [read more…]

Westminster’s Wheelchair Problem


For a wheelchair user, getting around can be a constant battle, having to constantly be thinking about whether a shop, restaurant or office is accessible to them. You would think that in 2015, disabled access would no longer be such … [read more…]

Feats of Architecture: The World’s Tallest Buildings (Pt 2)

Shanghai World Finance

High rise buildings are now a mainstay in our modern world, and so are the platform lifts that they’ve brought about. More and more cities in the world have skyscrapers in them than ever before, and if anything the debate … [read more…]

3 of the Most Unique Lift Interiors, Ever!


Lifts are no longer just a piece of kit to transport travellers from A to B, but are a popular feature of many modern day homes and industry settings. No longer an item to promote wealth or grandeur, lifts are … [read more…]

Feats of Architecture: The World’s Tallest Buildings (Pt 1)


We live in a world where we have created some absolutely outstanding architecture. Each country has its own individual style even when it comes to skyscrapers. As humans we have created some absolutely breathtaking buildings and the sheer size of … [read more…]