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How Elderly Clients Can Benefit from Domestic Lifts

Domestic lifts are no longer just a luxury, but a necessity. After all, they provide better access for people to move around their own homes, no matter who needs it. Whether the house has a lot of storeys, or the … [read more…]

The History of Lifts – (Slideshare)


Lifts are fascinating, and although many people think that they are an ultra-modern invention, they actually have a long and fruitful history. Want to find out more about the origins of the lift? We’ve got it all written down in … [read more…]

The Importance of Cabin Design


The lift of an establishment can say a lot about the business that it services. The luxury, thought and care put into the design of a lift speaks the same of those that commissioned it. You need to consider what … [read more…]

Is Practicality a Design Choice?

builders planning

When it comes to designing anything, there are always many factors which need to be considered before a design can be finalised. Whether it’s the colour scheme, the features that are required, or even just the shape of the room; … [read more…]

The FlexStep: A Flexible Solution


Whether you require the access to your home to be improved or need to pick out an accessibility solution for your commercial building, it’s vital that you think about what will suit you best. Faced with the many different options … [read more…]

How Can Disabled Access Lifts Improve People’s Lives?


There are many advantages to having a lift installed in a home, including the fast and easy access to all areas of the home. However, every case is different and a lift that can be installed in one home may … [read more…]

What is Utilitarian Design?


Utilitarian design, or ‘form follows function’, is not a completely new concept. On the contrary, it has been present since the early 20th century, and the idea behind it is that the shape of a building or object should be … [read more…]

Working with Architects: Why Collaboration is Key

Architect sketching a construction project.

Many people believe that interior designers work completely alone when taking on a project, and that they come in during the last stages to make the interior look good. As an interior designer, you already know what is expected of … [read more…]

Three Reasons More People Should Invest in a Home Lift

A machinery directive lift from above

Having a home that is accessible is something that all people should have access to, no matter who they are. It shouldn’t matter what kind of property they live in, or what style of home they have – or even … [read more…]

Top Tips for Lifts in Design


The modern building is becoming larger, meaning that being able to access all parts of it easily is more important than ever – especially for those with more limited mobility. So creating a stylish décor with the addition of a … [read more…]

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