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Contractors: Advice on Modernising A Lift

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In densely populated cities, tall buildings are the norm to maximize space. Lifts are used a lot, and that is why they can deteriorate over time. deteriorate rather quickly. You don’t always need to remove the old one to substitute … [read more…]

How to Seamlessly Integrate a Lift into Interior Design


Working on a project which requires a lift installation is something that you may not be familiar with as an interior designer. We completely understand that this can often make even the simplest of interior projects seem daunting, but it really … [read more…]

Building Contractors: Building an Excellent Relationship with Your Client

Architect and customer businessman shaking hands top view, desktop with building project, tools and wood swatches on background

As a building contractor, it’s essential that you build up a fantastic working relationship with the people who you are carrying out work for. You want the job to go as smoothly as possible; from the very beginning until completion. … [read more…]

Where Should You Place Your Lift?

Lifts are part of our everyday lives, but most of us don’t think about one crucial aspect of the installation of a lift: where exactly should it go? No matter if you’re planning on getting a lift for your home … [read more…]

How to Market Yourself as a Building Contractor

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Marketing yourself is just as important when you’re a new building contractor or when you have a few years of experience under your belt. Getting people to know you and your work, however, can be a difficult process, especially because … [read more…]

Lifts in Style: 3 Inspirational Mood Boards for your Home

Many people think that having a lift installed in your home means having a large piece of equipment that doesn’t fit in with any of your interior design – making your room look mismatched and unattractive. However, as experienced lift … [read more…]

Contractors: How to Communicate Better with Your Clients

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There is a lot of advice out there for clients and how they can better communicate with their contractors, but communication is a two-way street and as such it is also important that as a contractor you also follow better … [read more…]

How to Choose Your Lift Door

Opting to install a lift in your home is not a decision based just in luxury, but also in practicality, as they can improve your quality of life. So after making this choice, you might wonder how the finished product … [read more…]

Contractors: How to Choose Your Subcontractors

Contractors will often employ subcontractors to work on certain parts of a building, since they offer specific skills needed to complete them. This means that selecting the best subcontractors to finish work on someone’s dream home is an important process … [read more…]

What Does it Take to Completely Re-imagine a Home?

Architects are constantly innovating. Their creativity allows them to create truly spectacular structures, from skyscrapers to family homes. Innovation begins from ideas, from seemingly outlandish goals that will be translated into a building in the end. Completely reimagining a home … [read more…]