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Why We Get So Awkward in Lifts


Elevator awkwardness is one of the weirdest social phenomena of our time; a person can talk to every stranger they meet on the way to the way to elevator but as soon as they enter they stand silent until it’s … [read more…]

How do Elevators Work?


The modern elevator is an invention that some have said allowed the expansion of cities vertically rather than just horizontally. They may seem like mundane objects, but imagine getting to a 20th floor office only using the stairs and you’ll … [read more…]

The 3 Most Expensive Elevators in the World


In modern times, the technology exists to construct and install lifts so cheaply that anyone could have one in their homes, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some very expensive lifts in the world. Whether it’s because of their … [read more…]

Talking Elevators: The Future?


  Over the past couple of years, technology has advanced exceptionally quickly. We’ve seen the birth of the iPhone, iPad and iTouch, and have recently seen the likes of Siri and Cortana appear on the digital market as well. The … [read more…]

Cars and Lifts: The Coolest Car Elevators

Metal elevator interior

Did you know that in some houses of the super rich and super famous, there is a little invention called a car elevator? This latest luxury craze has started to gain popularity within the lives of the elite, and we … [read more…]

Incredible Lifts of Our Time

Photo 02-02-2015 14 02 23

With buildings getting higher and public spaces getting busier, passenger lifts are becoming a major necessity in everyday life. This need has lead to the improvement and creation of many different designs of lifts, and even some world record breaking … [read more…]

Accessibility Made Easy With A Home Lift!

Qube home lift

With accessibility for people with disabilities becoming an even more important topic over the years, here at Axess 2 we are excited to be involved with being able to give people who suffer with mobility issues and health concerns the … [read more…]

Height of Civilisation: The Etymological Origins of ‘Lift’

Have you ever stared at a word and attempted, no doubt desperately, to try to make it make sense. Look at any word long enough and it’s bound to happen – even words that you’re delightfully familiar with begin to … [read more…]

What a Nightmare: Scary Movies and Lifts

Metal elevator interior

There is something rather scary about movies that primarily take place in one location – whether it’s a single room or a terrifyingly small box (yup that one actually is a movie). However, we think that scary movies that mainly … [read more…]

Spotlight On: Qube Compact Home Lift


Here at Axess 2, we’re passionate about form and function, and are proud to offer the unique, innovative and state-of-the-art range of lift productions we do. From corporate placement to lifts for the home, we boast an extensive selection of … [read more…]