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7 Reasons You Should Hate Stairs

What are these guys up to?

We’re always a little suspicious of those mini-ledge things that connect lower floors to higher ones. Mother always told us it was rude to stair, which is why we decided to develop our lifts for stairs and tackle the problem … [read more…]

The New Era of Lifts that’s set to Revolutionise Architecture

business people and engineers on meeting

When we think of the modern elevator, we think of one of the greatest solutions to inner building travel but for some, the elevator is a stressful device. It’s only natural; to those who work in busy city areas, in … [read more…]

How our Leonardo Passenger Lift Changed Oscars in Burnley


You might remember a while back, we did a case study on one of our installations – a Leonardo Traction lift in Oscars in Burnley. If you remember, the client was already familiar with lifts as they already had an … [read more…]

Capital Architecture: The Future Face of London

Big Ben in sunny day, London

As each year slowly draws to a close, we have the joy of seeing what kind of architecture projects are just around the corner – starting the imminent excitement of the New Year early, and giving everyone a little preview … [read more…]

What You Need To Know: Lift Regulations & Examinations

Female Engineer-  iStock_000050576810_Medium

As providers of some of the best platform lifts, among others, we pride ourselves on being up to scratch with all the latest rules and regulations in the industry. It’s a lot to keep track of, especially considering how they … [read more…]

A New Alliance: Style and Practicality

Old Factory -iStock_000013964146_Large

Architecture is a constantly moving field of industry, evolving as swiftly as modern art, because in a lot of ways, architecture is artwork – displaying a level of beauty that can only come from the deepest parts of a creative … [read more…]

Why Do Lifts Play Music?


  How many times have you stepped into an elevator and been instantly lulled by the gentle music rolling out of the speakers? For many people, one of the main reasons they can step into a lift is thanks to … [read more…]

A Tube Station in West London Installs a Sloping Lift For Disabled Access

London, England

As experts in the world of lifts, whether its passenger or platform lifts, we’ve always got our ear to the ground for any new developments or innovations that may happen around the world. Due to our interest in revolutionary lifts, … [read more…]

Axess 2 Install 5-stop Lift in Glass Shaft, While The Restoration Man Films On


October 12th, 2015 – Axess 2 heads out to install a five stop lift in a glass shaft for the water tower in Harrogate, but what we weren’t expecting was a visit from the Restoration Man himself, George Clarke. You … [read more…]

The World’s Most Inspiring Famous Buildings (Part Two)

Imagine going up this geezer without an elevator. Foolish.

After looking at skyscrapers in our first instalment of inspiring famous buildings, we thought we’d look at what other iconic structures can teach us about design. Whether you’re planning for a commercial building that requires practicalities such as passenger lifts, … [read more…]