Levitating Lifts


Here at Axess2 we like to keep up to date with all the latest exciting news and updates from the wonderful world of lifts. In one of our recent blogs we touched upon the subject of a  new breed of … [read more…]

Westminster’s Wheelchair Problem


For a wheelchair user, getting around can be a constant battle, having to constantly be thinking about whether a shop, restaurant or office is accessible to them. You would think that in 2015, disabled access would no longer be such … [read more…]

Feats of Architecture: The World’s Tallest Buildings (Pt 2)

Shanghai World Finance

High rise buildings are now a mainstay in our modern world, and so are the platform lifts that they’ve brought about. More and more cities in the world have skyscrapers in them than ever before, and if anything the debate … [read more…]

3 of the Most Unique Lift Interiors, Ever!


Lifts are no longer just a piece of kit to transport travellers from A to B, but are a popular feature of many modern day homes and industry settings. No longer an item to promote wealth or grandeur, lifts are … [read more…]

Feats of Architecture: The World’s Tallest Buildings (Pt 1)


We live in a world where we have created some absolutely outstanding architecture. Each country has its own individual style even when it comes to skyscrapers. As humans we have created some absolutely breathtaking buildings and the sheer size of … [read more…]

A Chance Meeting – Networking in Elevators

Networking in a Lift

At Axess2, we deal with various kinds of elevators, so it won’t come as a surprise to find that we’re not just about home lifts; we also specialise in commercial solutions and the like. When we say ‘commercial’, that certainly … [read more…]

A Very Happy Christmas From Axess2!

Lift Design - LamieraPlast_PPS17

Well, it seems to have crept up on us a bit this year, but once again we’re just one week away from December 25th, and so all of the staff here at Axess2 would like to take this opportunity to … [read more…]

Saving Energy – Elevators Designs of the Future

Lift Design - LamieraPlast_N1

Energy efficiency is a massive thing in our modern world, and pretty much every sector is facing increasing pressure to conform to such eco-friendly patterns wherever possible. The area of lift design is no exception, and here at Axess2 we’re … [read more…]

The Impact of Lifts

Lift Design - Eco_bus_door_New

Ever since its invention, the humble passenger lift has influenced the buildings we live and work in, and the environment that surrounds us. However, unless you happen to be an architect or a lift specialist, you probably don’t think too … [read more…]

Fascinating Facts about Lifts

Lifts are so much a part of our everyday world that many people don’t think about them very much. Obviously, here at Axess 2 we’re an exception to that rule – we’re passionate about lifts and think they’re a fascinating … [read more…]