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Lyfta M

In places where conventional lifts cannot be installed due to lack of space, the separate shaft or a machine room.

This platform lift can be accommodated in a 50 mm pit for a flat leveled entry. Alternatively, the lift can be positioned directly on the floor with a 50 mm ramp. With a wide number of sizes available our lift is especially suited for installations in existing buildings. The unlimited design and custom options make this lift an asset to every interior. This in combination with it’s ease of use, low price and usage costs makes this platform lift an excellent alternative to conventional, more traditional lifts.

Lyfta M allows for a panoramic four wall design together with a number of available options and possibilities to make our lift an asset to modern open interiors. The lift will be provided with a shaft manufactured with safety glass panels on all four sides. The slender glass panels create a stylish, open look, and the view from within the platform gives a futuristic feeling of comfort and security.

The Lyfta M can also be supplied with a a 2.2 m high vertical back wall with inset mirror and LED lighting. There are equal opportunities and freedom of choice in the selection of accessories and options. The Lyfta M can easily be adapted to customer needs thanks to the variety of options and various RAL colours.



  • Travel height up to 13m
  • 6 landings
  • Accessible for mobility scooters, wheelchairs and baby strollers
  • Including a steel or (optional) glass shaft; panoramic lift with glass panels on all four sides
  • Large push buttons, easy to operate
  • No extensive builders work required
  • 50 mm pit depth or a ramp Integrated machine room
  • Easy and quick installation within 2-3 days
  • Delivered in small packages for easy transport through narrow passages
  • Low installation and maintenance costs
  • Designed for existing and new buildings
  • Steel panel shaft finished in RAL 9016
  • Doors are equipped with an integrated self-closing feature, opening position 90*
  • Lift doors with panoramic glass available
  • LED-lighting, alarm and handrail on the control panel
  • Overload detection
  • Safety edges


  • Emergency autodialler
  • Intercom
  • Concealed automatic door opener
  • Remote call buttons
  • Elbow buttons
  • Smartcard system to limit general public access to certain levels
  • School locking system with key or smartcard
  • Level indicators
  • Arrival bells
  • Automatic shaft lighting
  • Voice announcer
  • IR controls
  • Fold-down seat
  • Raised edges on platform
  • Frequency converter (Soft start and stop)
  • Shaft ceiling with LED spotlights
  • Fire emergency lowering
  • Electrical emergency lowering
  • A wide range of RAL colours

With our large selection of accessories, all lifts can easily be adap – ted to specific requirements. The control panel is one example where the standard design in aluminum matches the aluminium doors, but can just as easily be powder coated in any RAL colour. The lift can be equipped with a variety of options, such as fold down seat, voice announcer, electric emergency lowering etc.


Standard Sizes

Lyfta M – (Platform length 1467mm)
Standard size, mm
Platform size –  1000×1467 / 1100×1467
Footprint – 1400×1630 / 1500×1630


Lyfta M – (Platform length 1597mm)
Standard size, mm
Platform size –  1100×1597
Footprint – 1500×1760


Semi-Standard Sizes

Lyfta M – (Platform length 1597mm)
Semi-Standard size, mm
Platform size –  900×1467
Footprint – 1300×1630


Lyfta M –
Standard size, mm
Platform size –  800×1217 / 1000×1267 / 1100×1367
Footprint – 1200×1380 / 1400×1430 / 1500×1530


product specification
EN81-41, Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
Car Size
Car Size
1000x1467 / 1100x1467 / 1100x1597
0.15m/s to machinery Directive
230 VAC 1-phase or 400 VAC 3-phase
50/60 Hz 16A
Max Travel
Max Travel
Up to 13 m (6 stop)
Rated Load
Rated Load
Shaft Types
Shaft Types
Standard steel panel shaft RAL9016
2250 mm / 2350mm
Single, Through, Adjacent
One touch from landings, hold-to run from platform
Home Lift / Commercial Lift / Retail Lift
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