Home Lifts & Domestic Home Lifts – The Perfect Answer To Accessibility Problems

Home lifts don’t simply have to be functional, they should also be stylish and increase the value of your property.

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There are many reasons for choosing domestic home lifts from Axess2. Whether you fancy a more luxurious lifestyle, or you need a little help with mobility, Axess 2 offers a huge range of home lifts. We even have the option to design a bespoke home lift model to suit your specific, individual needs.

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Our home lifts can be designed to overcome any problem – even if space is extremely limited, or the staircase is an unconventional shape.

What makes our domestic home lifts different?
Most home lifts require a large pit beneath them to accommodate the lift’s hardware. Our home lifts have been engineered from the ground up to reduce this large pit size, down to just 150mm! With a small access ramp you can eliminate the pit altogether. That means no excavating or messy groundwork. This makes our lifts some of the most widely applicable in the UK.

We have a range of traction and hydraulic home lifts with fully enclosed cabins, offering all the comforts of a conventional passenger lift at a fraction of the cost.

The ‘Leonardo’ electric traction home lift is perfect for virtually any home installation. It uses innovative technology to save energy and offers low operation costs. Equally suitable as a disabled lift or as a stylish addition to a home, this is a premium lift that is one of the most configurable in our range.

The Expressa Stair Lift is an extremely popular domestic lift: it can be installed onto a straight staircase and has a unique design that enables it to stop at a number of access points. There’s no building work required and the lift won’t interfere with existing interior design.

Bespoke design option
Axess 2 is almost unique in being able to provide truly bespoke domestic home lifts. We adhere to all required regulations and have all the authorised certifications to create the ideal lift solution to meet your needs.

From size and style – to floor and finish, you can customise an Axess 2 lift however you like.

We are always happy to offer help and advice on choosing the most suitable home lift, just get in touch with the team here at Axess 2. With a quick site visit we can help you envisage how your home lift will look and operate. We can also provide detailed product information and drawings.


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