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Is Now the Right Time to Make Changes to Your Commercial Space?

The holidays tend to be a very busy period for some companies, although others will be quieter. If you’re one of the businesses that will experience some downtime during this festive season, you may want to consider if this is … [read more…]

Top 5 Considerations to Make When Installing a Home Lift

It’s believed that the first lift was built in 236 BC by Archimedes and, as time went by and technology developed, increasingly more sophisticated lifts were created, allowing people to start having them installed in their homes.

Spotlight On: FlexStep


Accessibility is important in any building, whether it be a private residence, a workplace or a public building. With this in mind, many buildings offer options to enable access for those with mobility issues. However, providing easy access to everyone … [read more…]

The World’s Most Inspirational Lift Designs


Lifts are becoming less of a commodity and more of a necessity in the modern-age, providing a way to navigate the world’s tallest buildings on one end of the spectrum, and access to those who would otherwise be unable to … [read more…]

Lift Lookbook: Interior Design Trends for 2018

The new year is almost upon us, which means many new beginnings as well as a new set of trends hitting the interior design scene. Trends are constantly changing and developing, including those of interior design. Perhaps more than any … [read more…]

Top Reasons Why Home Lifts Can Be Beneficial

  With new innovations in the industry and the cost of materials decreasing, elevators for residential purposes present any homeowner with a multitude of useful benefits. Alongside the increase in demand, our lifestyles are constantly changing, and homeowners are beginning … [read more…]

Everything You Need to Know About Platform Lifts

Lifts are a part of our daily lives and you can find them in numerous buildings throughout the world. The evolution of lifts have come a long way since the middle of the 19th century, where lifts were powered and … [read more…]

The Ultimate Guide to Wheelchair Lifts and Their Benefits

Disabled access lifts and home wheelchair lifts have become increasingly popular in the past few years. Home lifts, in general, were relatively unheard of or were considered a luxury; nowadays, however, the installation of residential lifts is more prevalent than … [read more…]

Unique Lifts Tourists Can’t Miss – Part 2

Lifts don’t have to look the same. In fact, bespoke designs give you countless options that enable you to create the lift you’re envisioning in your mind. We’ve previously talked about unique lifts around the world that tourists shouldn’t miss, but … [read more…]

The Rising Trend of Home Lifts in Luxury Homes

We all enjoy a bit of comfort and luxury, especially in our homes. The latest technologies help us in our busy daily lives, so it’s not surprising that home lifts have become a rising trend in many homes, including luxury … [read more…]

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